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The Brain is Not a computer

My songs about that will be mixed


this is one of my fav songs.

“No, I am Your Father!”

For my second remix of the week I redid my Favorite Movie Quote assignment. The remix was to take the mood of the original and do a complete 180. Disclaimer, while I do believe the Star Wars movies are classics and you should watch them – I can’t say I …

Short Delivery

For my last remix assignment this week I decided to do Letter From Out Of The Blue [Remixed]: The Opposer. For the letter from out of the blue assignment I was tasked to write a long letter hand written and send it out in the mail to someone who …

Spot the Difference

For my first remix assignment I decided to do These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things [Remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo. For this assignment, I had to take two pictures of my desk and slightly change the two pictures.

I first started this assignment, but just taking a picture of …

Yo Mama

Take any two songs (similar or not) and create a mashup/remix! [remixed]: Yo Mamma

This had to be the most hilarious assignment this week, as well as cringey. Nevertheless, I did it; due to the fact that I have not heard of a Yo Mama joke since middle school. I …

Ric Flair Beethoven?

Opposites Attract [remixed]: Your Parent’s Don’t Want You Seeing This

I feel this assignment was made for me. Then, I hit the remix button, and this assignment became my prized possession.

I knew at once that this assignment called for Rave, the site that has become one of my …

A letter to my mom in another language

I was originally going to do a remix of The End is for Everything with the In Another Language remix card using my daily create story, but I forgot to click the remix it button a second time to get the tags I needed, and the same combination won’t respond …

Venn Pop Culture, in the style of a kid’s aesthetic

Considering that I did a character description of Zuko and a character evolution of Mulan, I found myself still on this side of nostalgia to create a venn pop culture for Zuko because he was the easiest to come up with characters similar to him (for me, at least). However, …

Create Your Own Logo! [Remixed]: Happy Days

This was an assignment that I had already completed during our design week but I decided to use it as one of my remixed assignments! I had originally created a logo for my macrame business but this time, with the remix, I created something entirely different!

The remix for this …