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The Brain is Not a computer

My songs about that will be mixed


this is one of my fav songs.

Create Your Own Logo! [Remixed]: Happy Days

This was an assignment that I had already completed during our design week but I decided to use it as one of my remixed assignments! I had originally created a logo for my macrame business but this time, with the remix, I created something entirely different!

The remix for this …

Create Rad Album Art From Photos [Remixed]: Fox News

For this assignment we were tasked with making an album cover with pictures we had, but we also had to put a remix on it. The remix that it chose for me was called “Fox News” which said, “Take whatever the assignment is and turn the volume up past 11, …

Cancer Sucks

This might be a little personal, but honestly I think it’s fitting. I am a very open person, and I don’t hide anything. I have always liked to make sure I express how I feel and talk about memories because I always feel less burdened and happier afterwords. This isn’t …

The Superhero Slide Show

Honestly, this assignment makes me giggle. It is kind of silly and very stupid. But I absolutely love it! These are two really silly concepts combined into one. The two separate are funny enough, but together, the product is even funnier.

I decided to pick this assignment because I thought …

i wanted to edit and delete this play

as part of this weeks remix work i did the assignment “best sports play,” wherein i was to make a gif of my favorite sports play of the season. but as a remixed assignment i was to “flip the mood,” so i did the sports play that hurt my heart. …

my fave show to hate

as part of this weeks remix project, i choose the assignment “tv show gifs,” making 4-6 gifs of my favorite tv show. which upon getting remixed turned into making gifs of my least favorite show. i decided to gif the tv series pretty little liars, which is not a show …

History Remix

For this remix, there were not any instructions, so I looked at the image and decided what to do. The image involved a political cartoon on US history and remix wanted me to incorporate another language into the assignment. I decided to find pictures and make a collage of …

My Awful Drawing Skills, Now With A ‘Stache!

So, for one of my remixes, I had to combine Google Quick Draw and mustaches. Well, I tried! Suffice to say that my drawing skills aren’t very good at all!

— Francesca Maisano (@FCMaisano) November 14, 2018

So, for the base assignment, I had to play Google Quick Draw