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What’s the Meme? created by Feng Chen
Take any picture and caption it with a meme, whether common or uncommon. Or come up with a personalized meme.

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Well I woke up this morning before my alarm and that never happens. The worst part was that I couldn’t fall back asleep so I just kind of sat there for a bit not really knowing what to do and getting increasingly more irritated.

What’s the Meme

This meme is centered around the premise of the novel. the main plot.

the government develops “Captain Trip”

a super deadly population control intended virus

they well, “trip” up

they release the virus to the public and well kill everyone.

why couldn’t they have designed a virus SLIGHTLY less violent …

What’s the Meme?

For one of our 12 stars worth of assignments, I chose the What’s the Meme? assignment for the Book of the Unnamed Midwife.

I thought this would be a fun and cute one to do, and I wasn’t disappointed! I really had to think about what I wanted my meme …

What do you meme?

For my final 2 stars, I wanted to do something that I was passionate. Something that I like to spend my time doing. And that is looking at memes. I think this whole book is very interesting, but especially that people got visions of Mother Abigail and then went to …

What’s the Meme?

In an attempt to make a meme, I was inspired by one of the main characters from The Stand, Tom Cullen. Who was vital to the story line and is always a sigh of emotional relief whenever he is involved, because he just seems to have luck on his side!…

What’s the Meme?

This is the start of the 12 star assignments that I will be completing revolving around the book The Passage by Justin Cronin. This is a two star assignment and the meme I created is a confused, young girl and the meme is basically about her mom leaving her at …

World War Z…..A MEEMEE!!!

I created this meme for the 2 star visual assignment What’s the Meme?  I created this meme for one of the scenes within the book.  One of the battles the individuals lined up in a firing line, by this time there was a better plan of attack where firing line took turns.

World War Z…..A MEEMEE!!!

I created this meme for the 2 star visual assignment What’s the Meme?  I created this meme for one of the scenes within the book.  One of the battles the individuals lined up in a firing line, by this time there was a better plan of attack where firing line …

Turning Your Friends Into Memes

I was immediately drawn to the What’s The Meme? assignment, as I’ve tried my hand at turning my friends into memes before.   The attempt was a very humorous endeavor that I found quite personally rewarding.  However, the final product was made with paint, and was somewhat frustrating as I couldn’t …

The Super ds106 Life

Original assignment may be found here (2.5 Stars)

I’ve made my way around the web long enough to know what a meme is. As an active Reddit user I have come across many meme’s in my life. Especially one’s involving cats. My love for superheros and comic book characters made …

Whats the Meme?

For this assignment, it was to take a picture a create a meme out of it. I used a picture of Stephen Weidman’s and my “characters” shooting their weapon. This is to represent their target practice for their job. There is a saying that states aim small miss small, meaning …

Fox and Cartoon


I happily came along this photo while searching for something completely unrelated for the What’s the Meme Assignment.  Yay for strange Google results.  It was so striking, I had to do something with it.

Whats the meme

sad to say but most of the students in my ct101 class wait until Monday morning to start the h.w

bowties & skulls 2013-05-26 22:12:32

I know it’s not a paddle but still those types of cooking utensils aren’t common nowadays.

The assignment was to take a picture and make a meme. I screenshot from The Invaders episode of The Twilight Zone and used quickmeme.com. Boom!


Worth 2 1/2 …

3241: Spring 2013 » 3241-to-ds106 2013-04-17 11:51:51

 This is the picture that was taken of my cousin and his refusal to eat corn, I used the caption of I LOVE CORN because it was the opposite of what he wanted. Needless to say after the picture was taken he threw the corn into the next booth. You …

Whats the Meme?

My friend decided to make this amazing face while taking a photo. Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/whats-the-meme/


Whats the Meme?

My best friend decided to make this amazing face when we were taking a picture

That Meme

My Best  friend Carlos always making this wired faces, when he tells me a story what happen to him, or  jokes. This face always get me laughing. I tell him one day he going to be featured on a meme  cartoon. He just laughs

Halo Mishaps

The meme is in reference to Halo 4, a video game that my friends and I really enjoy playing. Earning a “Killing Spree” entails killing 5 opponents in a row without dying. These sprees are often prematurely celebrated and ended abruptly by silly user errors.

Soup’s On

You say it’s pronounced like the peanut butter?

I wasn’t thinking ds106 assignment when I found this panel in an ancient comic on Ethan Persoff’s amazing Comics With Problems election edition. All I knew was that I wanted to to something with the image of the dude with the…

Make your own meme: 2 Stars

Caught my buddy Daniel Zimmerman off guard here. His blog is linked here: http://danielzimmerman.net .
I love to joke around with him, known him for a while. Sometimes he takes it better than other times :p. Anyways, I used the site cheezburger.com to make this meme. I took the photo…

2 Stars- What’s the Meme?

Yes, internet memes.  The bottom rung of the comedy ladder.  Nevertheless, for 2 stars, I’ll gladly suck it up and make a simple one for you all to see.  This… actually wasn’t that simple.  I had a hard time trying to get the outline around the text in gimp right.  …

Media Mediate Relationships

Classes are done and reports are written so I finally have some time to do some ds106 work. Yeah!
A few weeks ago, we were asked to watch a video of Michael Wesch speaking at UMW Faculty Academy. After some difficulties (see previous post) I was able to see the…

Meme Assignment

For this visual project which is called What’s The Meme instructs me to find a previous picture or to create my own and put captions in it to make it funny. I myself love these types of pictures because they either include a funny caption(s) or a funny picture that…

Dale Yeah 2012-04-10 20:38:00

You Might be a Redneck If..

            On my 3rd assignment I chose to make a meme. The object of this assignment was to use an image and turn it into a meme. I chose a picture I took of a trailer that I pass on the way to Jacksonville…

What’s the Meme?

I have been waiting for awhile to find the right photo to use in this Visual assignment on Ds106 , and I happened to be riding the JR line in Tokyo on my way to CIS, and the train was very crowded, and it really smelled extra bad…

Visual assignment cont.

Here are a few more pictures that i have experimented with by using iphoto on my mac-book. I have inserted text to each picture to display my quirky sense of humor through visual art.


Random Act of Kindness

It’s not everyday that people leave money taped to vending machines, so when i saw this i thought this was not only a generous gesture but a good side that i should give in to my fast food cravings. I added the words “Dollar menu? Here i come,” to show…


While searching through the DS106 visual assignments, I found this one which has become my favorite so far. For this assignment called, “What’s The Meme?” we had to take any picture and caption it with a meme, whether common or uncommon. Or come up with a personalized meme. i found…

My Stance Obsession

I absolutely adore this car. Over the past year, I have developed an obsession with cars that sit aggressively low to the ground; otherwise known as “stance”, where the wheels and tires fit snuggly underneath the fender, with decent spacing and slightly negative camber. Call me crazy, but it gives…

My MeMe two point assignment

Taking a leap

This is a picture of a lady taking a leap of faith. I actually find it inspiration sometimes you just gotta take a chance and whatever outcome you must always try to succeed
Comicbook effect 1 star assignment

This is a picture i took earlier today at…

CT 101 Homework, 10 Star Assignment

1)What’s the meme?, 2 stars
Just took a photo and Photoshopped the text on.

2) Wiggle Stereoscopy, 3 stars
I took two photos of my television, and then looped them together with http://picasion.com/.

3) Demotivate Yourself, 2 stars
Just photoshopped text over photo of Billy Cundiff, who missed game…

What’s the Meme?

Basically just had this photo on my phone for a very long time and thought this would be the best time to share it with as many people as possible. Took this photo on my phone some years ago and put the text on the photo on this site http://wigflip.com/roflbot/…

Gummy Burger-Creating My Own MEME

As fun as this assignment was, it was really hard to do. However I wanted to use a food, perhaps something sweet so I google a few things. I came across an amusing picture and suddenly got an idea.
I created this on Photoshop. I tried using the Impact font…

Visual Assignment 1 worth 2 stars

Take any picture and caption it with a meme, whether common or uncommon. Or come up with a personalized meme. This is one of my visual assignments I decided to do because whenever there is a picture with anybody looks like they are screaming, the first thing that comes to…