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Remix Card: "Dull Presenter"

Turn this assignment into a really bad powerpoint presentation- do everything wrong in terms of design, bad colors, dense text, bad graphics. Make it a snoozer. Icon modified from cc licensed image by Johnn Caserta, from The Noun Project

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I Unironically Used Comic Sans

This remixed assignment can be found here. I had done the assignment on poor font choices previously and that can be found here.  This was to take it up a notch and create a presentation that breaks all the rules. It was heartbreaking.

This is the presentation

The …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

How do you like Starbs now?


I decided to redo on this bank assignment since I was not too happy with it. I don’t think I put too much work into it as I should have. Here I changed the logo colors more to bright colors vice just keeping with the original black colors. The …

Nothing Says Cheap Like Comic Sans and Helvetica

For my next Visual Assignment, I chose What A Crappy Font Will Do (3.5 stars), and I went with the Cold Stone Creamery logo since this ice cream shop opened in 1988.

Original Cold Stone Creamery logo

I used the photo editor on my phone to white out the original …

A New Subway Logo

This assignment that I chose is called What A Crappy Font Will Do where you must choose a well known logo and remix it by changing the font. I chose to do Subway’s logo, and I chose an 80s style font called Streamster to go along with the 80s theme. …

Dying Scene remix

Altered font of Dying Scene‘s logo. Does it remind anyone else of a try hard MySpace page, or is that just me?…

Would you buy this paper? Or join this hoity toity community?

For my second visual assignment, I chose to do “What a Crappy Font Will Do” not just because the title made me chuckle, but because I do get some sick kicks out of seeing serious companies use comic sans or papyrus. It’s always spas that use papyrus. What’s up with …

No One Likes Comic Sans

Comic Sans is probably the most hated font out there that is actually used regularly. However, it is always being used inappropriately and it just doesn’t look right to most people. For this assignment, I changed the font of “Google” to Comic Sans to show how much of a difference …

ds106 Week Two Assignments

For my first assignment, I decided to remake a popular logo in a different font.

Assignment found at http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/what-a-crappy-font-will-do/

Stars: 3.5

I went with possibly the most well-known text-based logo on the planet: Google. In choosing Google, one thing I didn’t originally account for was their use of proprietary font …

What A Crappy Font Will Do

This is a DS106 visual assignment that challenges us to remix an existing corporate logo with a bad font (or an improved font). At 4 stars, I think the difficulty rating is somewhat inflated. Granted, I’ve been doing this kind of work for a while, but this assignment only took …

I Wouldn’t Drink That Soda

What A Crappy Font Will Do – Assignment

When I saw the picture of the eBay logo that accompanied this assignment, I knew I had to give it a try. Even though I instantly recognized that eBay was being represented, I couldn’t help but notice that something about the …

Crafty font ?

This is not a trick or a treat its just font Last Visual Assignment for the semester. It one of my favorite Assignments its “What A Crappy Font Will Do” (4 stars).

I really like this idea what fonts can do to the meaning of a sign or even a …

Visual Assignment #1..Week 2 Facebook By Another Font

The Story

Today I tried a Visual Assignment this is the first one of week 2 (4 stars trying to push my abilities). I think I am becoming a pro. This Visual Assignments focuses on fonts and how different fonts amplifying meaning to the logo.  For example, If a logo …

Something is not quite right here…

Everywhere we look, we can see marketing tools that have been strategically designed and placed. One of a company’s biggest accomplishments is to have their logo be both widely and instantly recognized.

The creation of a logo that is capable of being well known is a process. With that …

Changing Fonts

Oh how changing the font makes a difference to the most well known sports logo. Now ESPN doesn’t even look like it should be affiliated with sports. If you changed the font to Kokonor then it looks too fancy to be used for the rugged fun of sports, also the …


For the 5th and final Assignment Bank project of the week I did the “What A Crappy Font Will Do” project (worth 2 stars).

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I just had to choose a font that made the logo look less professional and just overall worse.

I …

Bringing FedEx back a few decades

FedEx is a company that is a major shipping company that relies extensively on efficiency and new technology. This is why when going about chinging the logo for FedEx for a visual assignment I decided to bring back the text a few decades.

This logo shows that FedEx is a …

Donut Fonts

My wife and I have always laughed about the Dunkin Donuts font that looks like sausages. It does its job, though – you recognize it immediately, and you couldn’t possibly use it for anything else. The font, by the way, is called Frankfurter, and it was designed by a …

What A Crappy Font will Do

Fonts say much more than the text they display. Fonts are full of style and meaning.

It’s an assignment based on this:

Take a well know logo and remix it using a different font. The crappier the font, the better. Or maybe you think a different font might even …

Should Google Change to Courier New?

For my second Visual Assignment this week, I did “What a Crappy Font Will Do.” I decided to go with Google because their font is so well-known. I wanted to change it to Courier New because everyone always makes fun of how ugly it is.

How I did …

What a crappy font will do

Google designed differently

What a crappy font will do

Google designed differently

More reason to hate comic sans!


I’m sure I’ll get flack for butchering the twilight zone title screen. If you never had a valid reason to hate comic sans, now you do.…

More reason to hate comic sans!


I’m sure I’ll get flack for butchering the twilight zone title screen. If you never had a valid reason to hate comic sans, now you do.…

What A Crappy Font Can Do (Assignment A)

The assignment was to take a popular logo and use a “crappy” font to see how much the logo would change. I chose to take the Google logo and use Windings for a couple reasons. One, I hate the font and think it’s terrible. Two, it sort of goes with …

Hey this looks weird doesnt it?

Visual assignment: What a Crappy Font Will Do (2 stars*)


In this assignment we were suppose to change the look of a logo by using a different font. I chose the Wallmart logo because I liked the color scheme of it. I used the traditional wallmart colors but just …

Yahoo Logo Adjustment

Changed the font to make the Yahoo logo look different for class.

Lord of the Toys

I re-did the Toy R Us logo using a Lord of Rings font I had because I’m a geek. I can’t tell if the end result looks good or terrible.

Google Remix

My take on the Daily Assignment. While my new font was different from the standard Google font, I realized that Google plays with their own font often enough (to commemorate holidays or people) that it was not a shocker to see it written differently.

Fun with Comic Sans

Dean Shareski made a ds106 assignment out of Oleg Tarasov’s experiments in using Comic Sans in popular logos. I couldn’t help but do the obvious thing. Sorry. At least I used 106 point type.…

Main Street USA?

Inspired by @shareski, who was inspired by a little guilt from @CogDog.  I took the liberty of altering the sign slightly, making it almost a double troll, or perhaps half a troll?…