Voice Over A Beat [remixed]: Infomercialize It

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Original Assignment

Voice Over A Beat created by Stefanie
Produce a beat with any (online) beat generator. (For example you can do it with Soundation: http://soundation.com/studio by using their beat libraries.) Then record your voice over the beat. Make it sound cool or funny or ...

Remix Card: "Infomercialize It"

Redo an assignment to be like a bad infomercial. YOU SHOULD SHOUT OUT HOW WONDERFUL IT IS! You should be calling 1-800-BUY-JUNK to order it! But wait, you get more...

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Original Assignment

I looked up a cool techno beat and then let my imagination run wild with the ad. How can you resist?

I thought the result was funny, and I liked the concept of this random assignment. I always have a hard time choosing which assignment to do so …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Voice over a beat

For this assignment I chose to use the warning message from the movie “The Purge” as my background beat while I speak.  I will be discussing The Purge in our radio show, so I thought that I may be able to use this has a commercial or a transition.

I …

A bit of beat

I played around with soundation.com and made a cool beat for the voiceover a beat assignment. When I finally had something I wanted I spoke a few words in Garage Band and combined the two tracks, creating my audio file. I am still on a Halloween kick so I made …

One, Two, Wow!

As an example of an assignment idea I have posted at the ds106 assignment bank, I have produced a piece of music, where you can hear a voice saying something over a beat.

I used Soundation to create a beat and exportet this as a .wav to my computer. After this I loaded …