Time of Day [remixed]: Uncle Bob

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Original Assignment

Time of Day created by Scott Plunkett
Take a picture of the same spot outside several times in a day, then merge them all together in a way that shows the differences in appearance over the day.

Remix Card: "Uncle Bob"

Introduce an unexpected character into the assignment, someone as strange or unexpected as your Uncle Bob.

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Remix: A Beautiful time lapse. Almost.

For my remix assignment, I got the neat option to do the time of day assignment, but then throw in an unexpected character. I took a photo of a spot outside at different times of day, and layered them next to each other in GIMP. Then for the remix, …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

I Have Never Met a Sunset I Didn’t Like

For like the one thousandth time I am going to say it… I love sunsets. I know you all are probably annoyed with how many times I’ve gushed about them but I don’t care get over it. So with that being said it only makes sense that for my next …

as the sun goes down

Richmond International Speedway over the course of 4 hours

I took these photos back in April at Richmond International Speedway during a race. I messed up the spot of the first picture, but the rest of them were pretty good……

The Magical Island of Gwynn


Worth 4 stars I did a collage of pictures from the same place but instead of doing it at different times of day I choose to use pictures I had taken of the sunset because I knew there was a place I had taken many pictures of over the …

Looking out the Window

I was inspired by the Time of Day visual assignment to make this piece for my story.


To make it, I first took several pictures from my window, just like the protagonist of my story painted. Then I applied a filter to make the photos look like paintings.…

Just Over Half Done

For the next visual assignment I reached even higher for the sky with a 4 star challenge. “Time of Day” consisted of taking several pics of an image throughout different times of the day. I captured the view from my a bedroom entry door while watching my daughter board the …

Remix #1: Time of Day from My Window

My New Appreciation for Photo Editors
I’m not going to lie…When asked to edit an image in Pixlr or Photoshop, I was a little nervous. I have never done anything but a collage. In fact, the biggest difficulty I encountered while trying to complete this task was figuring out how…

Visual Assignment–Time of Day and TDC 149

My second attempt at one of the Visual Assignments from the DS106 repository is Time of Day, which appealed to me because of the image appearance and because I wanted to try some more work with layers and combining photographs.
Take a picture of the same spot outside several times…