This Doesn’t Belong Here [remixed]: ‘Stache It!

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This Doesn’t Belong Here created by Cooper Graham
For this asignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn't belong or a character that looks a little out of place.

Remix Card: "‘Stache It!"

Urban Dictionary defines "mustache" as: "A universal icon representing the epitome of authority and raw manhood... Resting just above the upper lip, the mustache is a beacon to all mankind that there is hope for this world and a bright future for all who have been gifted with this treasure from God himself." So you know what do to. Like Beyonce says, "If you like it, then you should put a 'stache on it."

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Delorean with Millennium Falcon Remix

This Doesn’t Belong Here – Mustache Remix – 5 Stars

For this assignment I had to take 2 images from 2 different movies and mash them into 1 scene. I chose the Delorean from Back to the Future and the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. I chose these 2 images …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

80’s movie scene mashup



For this assignment, I chose to combine two famous 80’s movie scenes into one picture. I’ve seen this picture of the scene many times, just in pictures and references on blog posts, etc., but I’ve actually never seen the movie itself (Say Anything). Maybe it’ll be the next …

This doesn’t belong her

I really liked this assignment. I got to take two of my favorite movies and combine them together. It was fun to try to make it as seamless as possible

I decided to combine ET and and Titanic. Two movies that I watched when I was little. I felt like …

Week 12 Assignment Bank:

This Doesn’t Belong Here:

For this assignment I was asked to take two iconic movie scenes or images and combine them in an unnatural way that makes you think – yeah, that doesn’t belong there. I chose the iconic scene from Titanic, and the Millennium falcon from star wars to …

Dory The Lion

Click here for the original assignment
This assignment is worth 4 stars.

I picked this assignment because I liked the idea of taking two different movies and making a combination with the two. I think this one is pretty self explanatory. This mashup is with The Lion King and …

This Doesn’t Belong Here

4.11 Stars

I decided to make this a re-do of one of my previous assignments: Coming to America

Instead of putting aliens in the poster, I decided to put a tiger (Rajah from Aladdin) which would fit in with the character’s origin story better.

How I did it:

First off …


? Still don’t know where you’re going
Your still just a face in the crowd
You belong to the breakfast club
You belong to the goonies
Living in a river of darkness beneath the neon light
You were born in the club ?

Glenn “Melody” Frey

It’s mashup week at …

Rocky meets ET

For this assignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn’t belong or a character that looks a little out of place.

Assignment Bank- Mashup Assignments

I mashed together two iconic …

E.T., Don’t Forget the Umbrella!

Mia enjoys a wide variety of different movies. She’s just as happy to watch a thriller as a rom-com (although she has a soft spot for spy movies!) If she had to choose her five favorite movies, “Mary Poppins” and “E.T.” would both be on the list. This is interesting, …

Jaws Caused the Titanic to Sink???

For this assignment I had to mix together two key scenes from two movies, basically combining them together to make an out of place scene occur but at the same time making it seem subtle. For this I ended combining everyone favorite tragic love story, the Titanic, with everyone’s favorite …

Mashup 3

For this mashup, I did the This Doesn’t Belong Here mashup. I decided to use a still from the movie Captain Phillips and the movie ET because I thought it’d be weird. So here’s my final product:

Love Triangle’s

I combined these 2 images because I know both of these movies pretty well and enjoyed watching both of them. Also in each movie love triangles are one of the main themes. I wish I could have melded them together but without a better photo editor I can’t.

Marceline the Lobby Girl?

Hmm Movie Scenes

Here is a picture. What doesn’t belong in this movie scene? Can you figure it out?

This assignment was fun. I am getting really good at editing layers of pictures. I am now able to use this skill in many other assignments which is great!



Just Slap Two Scenes Together

This assignment, that I found here, was to choose a movie scene and then sneakily edit in another scene, prop, or person. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

I chose a scene here, from the movie Patriot Games, based on the the book written by Tom Clancy. This scene …

Something Doesn’t Belong Here

For this assignment I had to take a photo from an iconic movie and add it to another iconic movie photo in a  subtle way. Can you tell what two movies they are? Can you find the thing that doesn’t belong here?

I created my assignment using Because I …

102 Dalmatians?

The next assignment I choose to do was the assignment called This doesn’t belong here which was worth 4 stars. This assignment was to mash-up two different iconic movie scenes by adding something like for example a movie prop to another movie scene. I decided use Alice and Wonderland and …

Magnifying Bond

I took on the assignment This Doesn’t Belong here mashup worth 4 stars.

So at first I read this assignment wrong so I did a totally different assignment. I thought it said combine an iconic film scene with something that does belong subtly. (Not combine two iconic scenes.) So I …

Agent Smith – Doesn’t Belong (4 stars) [12/12]











Scene from breaking bad where they are stealing chemicals from a train and a kid approaches them at the end. What doesn’t belong here I wonder? Only BB fans will really understand!

-Agent Smith…

The Dark Side

For this assignment the task was to create a mashup of two iconic movie scenes. It was said that we should aim to be as subtle as possible with the mashup image.

When viewing the assignment page I thought that the main given example simply puts the “Wilson” ball from …

Mash Up 3

This is my final mashup that was worth 4 stars. The point of this assignment was to insert something into a picture that does not match. I added a picture of a Range Rover onto the Moon. I got both of the images from google. Then I used pixlr to …

This Doesn’t Belong Here

The This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment had me photoshop something where it doesn’t belong. I chose to put myself into a scene from Pulp Fiction. I definitely don’t belong with gangsters in tuxes.

I used a green screen to make cutting myself out easier. I used Adobe Photoshop. I used …

This Doesn’t Belong Here

I love movies so this was a treat. To make this masterpiece I only needed some pictures from google and photoshop.

Oh Dirty Dancing, so romantic… it would be a shame if something happened. Insert Jack Nicholson saying “Heereess Johnny” here. I honestly think that is one of the most …



Third and last assignment is one where I have to subtly add something from one movie into a scene from a different movie. A couple years ago when I heard they were making the movie Nightcrawler, I thought it was going to be about the X-Men character Nightcrawler …

The Princess Bride and the Last Crusade

This assignment, “This Doesn’t Belong Here” (4 stars), requires a mashup of two famous movie scenes.

I love both the Princess Bride and the Indiana Jones series, so I decided to mix up those two. I chose the scene from the Princess Bride when Inigo Montoya kills the six-fingered man …

Mashup Assignment #1 (4 stars)

This assignment was tricky in part because finding two scenes that worked well together took a good while. The assignment specified being as subtle as possible so that’s what I aimed to do. I looked up a bunch of movie scenes on Youtube and went through them. I finally decided …

This does not belong here (4 stars)

For this assignment we had to mash up two different movies in a way that would make sense. I went with E.T. and Batman. They both have iconic parts that have to do with the sky. In E.T. they have E.T. flying across the sky and in Batman they have …

Week 11 pt. 1: This Doesn’t Belong Here

I’m feeling an early start to Mashup Week. This assignment’s task is to mash up two famous movie scenes, with placing a prop from one movie into the scene of another given as an example.

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 4.5

Process: To begin, I grabbed a scene from Saving …

The Hills are Alive

Jurassic Park and the Sound of Music

The Hills Are Alive

For this weeks Assignment I chose to do another mash up. I chose Assignment151 This Doesn’t Belong Here. The assignment was to mash up two movie scenes that don’t really belong together. The first image I chose was from the Sound of Music.

I then opened the image in …

Why So Angry, Alien?!

Click to view slideshow.

For this weeks Assignment Bank assignment I chose one called This Doesn’t Belong Here.  This assignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn’t belong or a …

British lord of the ringtones.

Maybe they grabbed the wrong costumes?  For the photo for this assignment, I put a couple of odd balls in a scene where they do not belong. They look like naturals though, I don’t even think they noticed.  The assignment was to put something in a movie scene that …

Civil War, Crossover Edition

Everyone is excited for the big Marvel Cinematic Universe take on the events of Civil War, but the DC Cinematic Universe was feeling a bit left out once it realized its big showdown only contained three heroes in it, so Superman jumped universe to join in on the fun.

Somewhere …

Mashup Assignment – This Doesn’t Belong Here (with Tutorial)

For this assignment, you mash up two distinct movie scenes into one. I chose a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Godzilla. 2001 has many great shots, so I felt it was a fitting movie to try and find a background to Photoshop something into. Once I picked my …

Looks Like It Belongs Here To Me

I completed the “This Doesn’t Belong Here” assignment for my final mash up assignment. It asked to combine two popular movies. I sort of remixed it myself a little bit in order to incorporate my character. I combined a picture of a homesteader’s wife working in the field with a …

ET’s Wonderful Life

The four and a half star assignment This Doesn’t Belong Here wasn’t too hard. It was pretty amusing.

I mashed up the scene in It’s a Wonderful Life where Jimmy Stewart was giving away the moon and the scene in ET where Elliot is flying in front of the moon. …

Unusual City Picture

I took a picture from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and added a giant horse to it. The picture I chose was a city and I added a giant horse, because a normal sized horse would be eh. It would be normal, because in NY you can still find horses, but a …

Legally Smeagol

For this assignment (4.5 stars), I had to mash together two movies scenes into one. I chose to do my favorite movie Legally Blonde and picked the ending scene of the movie. I also chose to use Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings and placed his head on Emmets …

Jack? Jason?

For this assignment I decided to combine two scenes together from two movies I enjoy. It’s not as subtle as I’d like but I still think it’s quite funny. This wasn’t that hard to do however, I did have to YouTube a tutorial on how to combine two images. I …

This Doesn’t Belong Here

This Assignment was supposed to combine two random movies and put them together. So I decided to Mash up my character with Darth Vader from Star Wars. This is my Western Gal shooting at someone, and she is with the “squad,” and that is Darth Vader. This assignment is starred …

Mashup Assignment – This Doesn’t Belong Here

I guess I wasn’t super subtle, but I couldn’t help myself! The two iconic images I chose to mash together were the flare scene from Jurassic Park and the kiss from Romeo and Juliet.

I first removed the character from the Jurassic Park scene by cloning the rain around him. …

Mashup Assignment: This Doesn’t Belong Here

Mashup Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank:
This Doesn’t Belong Here…or…Who’s the Captain of This Here Ship?!
*I am currently working my way through my fourth semester of the Information and Learning Technologies master’s program at University of Colorado, Denver.  This is the fifth post within a series …

Movie Poster From the Future Past

For the This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment, we had to take two scenes from two different movies and mash a picture out of them.  I used one scene and technically a movie poster, but I feel the affect is the same.

Clerks is a movie released in the 90’s that …

Schindler’s Shawshank


Another mash-up assignment done!

The Assignment

This assignment is worth 4 stars and can be found here. It is called “This Doesn’t Belong Here” and the exact instructions are: “For this asignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be …

The Dinosaur Before Time

Here is the original assignment.

Have you ever gone out to see a new movie, but were surprised to find out that it was similar to one you had seen before? Many movies are created in the image of previous ones, as it is supremely difficult to generate novel …

Something’s Not Right…

This Doesn’t Belong Here- 4 Stars

The prompt for this assignment is:

For this assignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn’t belong or a character that looks a little …

This Doesn’t Belong Here

This assignment was to take a scene from a movie and insert something that clearly is not supposed to be there. So I thought about one of my favorite movies “Coach Carter”, and since it is such a serious movie and the fact that is a true story. I thought …

review 11-15-15

This week was how we say EHH!?!. I was not a fan. It seems to me that in reality this course is full of mashups, whether you want to call em that or not. I can think of only a hand full of times I have been asked to create …

That doesn’t belong there

This week is mash-up week, and we are off. I would like to state for the record that the world of the internet we live in today is full of intellectual theft. As a photographer any time I give some one the right of use for any of my pictures …

Monster M.A.S.H.?

So what do you get when Pope Ramzes refuses to talk?

Ever get the feeling something isn’t quite how you remember?

Well, sit back, relax, and laugh it off.

HA!  Suck it YouTube!


This doesn’t belong here

this is another mashup assignment worth 4 stars. I put the ship from Titanic and made it sink in a scene from Forest Gump. I made this using Photoshop, I cut out the ship and put it subtly in the background.…

Mash Up 2


This assignment was worth four stars in the assignment bank. The assignment was to combine two movie scenes or covers. The change couldn’t be obviously. I chose tow pretty common movies and I think it turned out pretty well. Especially for my first time doing something like this!…

This doesn’t belong here- Disney Style

This is a mash up assignment and it’s worth 4 stars. The task of this assignment was to mash up two major movie scenes and to make it seem like it was meant to be there in the first place. I am a child at heart so I decided to …


What’s a remix without a little Jack Nicholson? Victor recently decided he was going to start his own company and, being an avid fan of dental hygiene, figured he’d try his hand at the toothpaste trade. With Jack Nicholson’s permission, he released an ad based on The Shining. He wanted …

Are You Sure They’re All Cats?

For 4 stars this week, I completed the This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment.  I didn’t quite know where to start, but we had to choose movies.  I originally was thinking of trying to combine The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.  I started by doing a Google image search for The …

We’re Going Down!

For this mashup assignment, we had to take two iconic movie scenes and mash them together.

My inexperience with media in general is a detriment to this assignment. Iconic movie scenes? None ring a bell.

I ultimately did find a scene I thought would be appropriate to mashup, this movie …

One of these Ents is not like the other

Where is Groot?

Finding Nemo’s New Family

Finding Nemo’s New Family. This doesn’t belong here… or does it?
For this assignment I found a picture from Shrek and one from Finding Nemo. Both photos were uploaded to Publisher. Nemo was edited, cut from the original picture, and had the background set to transparent. After re-sizing Nemo and …

Star Wars Attacks! (MashupAssignments1511 3.5 Stars)

I had originally wanted to do ET coming out of one of the spaceships from independence day, but I couldn’t find the right images to make it work.  I saw that a lot of folks were doing Star Wars, and I know they have another movie coming out soon, so …

This Doesn’t Belong Here – Lion King and E.T.

Assignment (3.5 stars)

For this assignment, we had to mash up two iconic movie scenes. I chose to mash up a scene from the Lion King. and a scene from E.T. I chose these two scenes because I felt like they had some similarities, as both have an upward looking …

Trek Wars Mashup

For this mashup assignment I had to mashup two iconic movie franchises. I chose my favorite two franchises Star Trek and Star Wars.

In this picture Captain Kirk is helping the Jedis fight Count Dooku’s droid army on Geonosis. I chose this scene because the Jedi are trapped in a …

Lightning Fast and Furious

In the realm of racing movies nothing gets bigger than the Fast and Furious franchise. However there is a competitor to the speed of the Fast and Furious cars, and HIS NAME IS LIGHTNING McQUEEN!

Lightning McQueen is the king of speed and a naturally nice car. He wins the …

V changes his daggers for laser….

I grew up watching Star Wars. My dad is a big fan and he is currently waiting for the new movie. I also love Star Wars, I remember once my brother and I tried to watch all the episodes together (we couldn’t). Another of my favorites movies is V for …

Movie Mashup

This is the “this doesn’t belong here assignment” worth 2 points

I love movies, and I love comparing movies. Naturally, then, I would love to mash movie images together, no? Well, it was quite a bit of fun, though my particular choice perhaps isn’t as subtle as the …


My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. The main character, Forrest’s attitude to life is so simple, it reminds me to stop over-thinking and just live. I choose the sunset in reference to Lion King because Hakuna Matata is essentially saying “life is like a box of chocolates”.I used a free …