The Civil War Photo [remixed]: Add a Sidekick

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Original Assignment

The Civil War Photo created by Hasan Shami
Take your best Civil War era photo. Take a picture of yourself in a very stale pose (like you have never had a picture taken in your life) and then edit it afterwards in some sort of grunge black and white style to make it look old. If you want to be very clever, try and make the enviroment around you fit the Civil War era theme of the photo.

Remix Card: "Add a Sidekick"

Add a sidekick. Any media medium. Introduce what you think the main figures sidekick should be into the work.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Old School Photo

For my first activity from the ds106 assignment bank I picked from the Visual Assignments section. I chose The Civil War Photo assignment, The Civil War Photo. For this activity I first tried to get creative with my attire. Unfortunately, I do not have any Civil War era costumes at …

Civil War Photo


I attempted to edit this photo by turning it black and white and searching through filters on my iphone to give that grungy look. I didn’t have any props to look like a civil war era person but I used a chair to resemble the original picture on this …

A Modern Civil War

I tried to model this picture as close to the assignments description picture as possible, because I found it funny. I actually really like the aesthetic of the picture and the overall editing of the colors. I rarely take pictures of me let alone me being serious, which is actually …