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Spring Break!!!!

This is how I’m going to spend my spring break…I like to sleep.  Since I always destroy my sleep pattern during school and even more so during time off from school, I generally spend my days sleeping until 3 pm and going to bed at 4 am.  I completed…

My boring spring break

For the Spring Break!!! assignment, I decided to tell a story about how my spring breaks usually sound. First of all, I work in a Northern gas station that is known for its coffee, so the hissing of the coffee pot. Then, I usually get to see my boyfriend (he…

Spring BREAK!!!

For anyone who has ever watched MTV, or any show on television really, you know that Spring Break is a time when people go on vacation, binge drink, dance, party, engage in debauchery, and many other crude and inappropriate behaviors. So what do you think spring break is going to…

Sound of Spring!!

The third and final ds106 assignment for the FALO section. As it was required to do assignments from different categories ,I decided to give Audio Assignments a try.
The assignment is called “Spring Break!!!“
What I had to do:
Take a 30 second take of what your spring break sounds…

spring break

i hope this is not what my spring break is actually like…made this in sound cloud then uploaded it and shared it to my blog. this was one of the audio assignments…

Spring Break!!!

Spring Break
This is what I will be doing during Spring Break. I will be writing a lot of papers to catch up in my classes. Boring!…

spring break assignment

in this clip you’ll hear exactly what ill be doing for spring break, which is relaxing watching tv and catching up on my leisure reading.…

What my spring break is gonna sound like (1point)

This is what my spring break is going to sound like.I have a busy life with school work,being a landlord for my mother and being in a relationship there is little time for me time so for spring break when everyone is getting drunk and partying i will be sound…

Audio Assignment 415 ( 30 secs of spring break)

this is a Audio Assignment where 30 seconds of my spring break was recorded. the most relaxing part of my break was the day i sat outside for abit on my deck drinking iced tea listening to the trees blow in the wind and throwing a squeeky toy for my…


For this audio assignment I had to make a recording for 30 seconds of what my spring break would sound like using basically anything and any sound. So, I browsed through a couple of YouTube videos looking for a crazy party scene and I…