Shakespearean LOLcat [remixed]: Bootcamp It

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Original Assignment

Shakespearean LOLcat created by Lisa M Lane
Combine a cat pic with an appropriate Shakespearean quotation. Based on the work of Laura Gibbs.

Remix Card: "Bootcamp It"

Whatever the assignment is, it can be made tougher if it is under the tutelage of a tough drill sergeant. Redo this assignment with a military kick to it, as if it was sent to boot camp. Drop down you worthless piece of flab and gimme twenty!

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Military Shakespeare Cat Remix

For this remix assignment, I had to inject a military bootcamp spirit into a visual assignment which required I pair a cat photo with a Shakespeare quote. I chose a military-cat themed photo, and selected a quote referencing ambition from Shakespeare’s Richard play. I found the remix easy to …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Fridge Cat

Malkav never gave up on his desire to live in the fridge, even after the time when he was a kitten that we didn’t see him in there, and he got shut in. Or when he really got too big to fit in there.…

Shakespearean cat

This is a cat saying a Shakespearean quote

Shakespearean LOLcat

I created this shakespearean cat using GIMP.

Old Blue Eyes

I was inspired to do this because Emily did one. I had forgotten all about this assignment. The cat lives up the street. I don’t know his name, so I call him Frank, after Sinatra, who was nicknamed “Old Blue Eyes.” He only acts friendly when my wife …

God has given you one face…

Original Picture found here

meOW! Love bites

“The course of true love never did run smooth”

Shakespearean LOLcat – Combine a cat pic with an appropriate Shakespearean quotation.

I honestly just wanted to do this one because the example Shakespearean cat made me laugh so hard I wanted to try it! I think this is more …


Worth 2.5 stars, for one of my visual assignments I decided to do Shakespearean LOL Cat. Basically what you had to do was take a picture of a cat and put a quote from Shakespeare that had to do with what was going on in the picture.  This one …


2.5 Stars

So I totally decided to do the Shakespearean LOLcats visual assignment because WHO DOESN’T LOVE LOLcats?! And it goes hand in hand with my love for animals! Here is it!

I chose this picture because when I think of cats I always think of what they get …

Cats can be evil too

The first visual assignment that I chose for this week is the Shakespearean LOLcat.  It’s worth 2.5 stars and I chose it because it looked like fun to do!  It was hard finding a picture that was cute and accurate for a quote at the same time so I …

ds106 Salad Days

I’ve been admiring assignments like the Shakespearean LOLcat for a while now, and this time I decided to stop analyzing and start paralyzing with my awesome art! I knew the quote I wanted to do right away. It’s a line I’ve repeated regularly since reading Antony & Cleopatra in undergrad …

Simonian LOLcat

I decided to try my hand at the Shakespearean LOLcat assignment, but since this is Wire106 and not Hamlet106, I made a Simonian LOLcat.

It’s a picture of my friend Coaltrain from across the street. I’m not sure why it was all green in my Flickr account. I brought …

Shakespearean LOL Cat


This is my cat Scratch, sitting in his favorite guard spot by the bird feeder.

The quote is from Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew, Scene I. 



I’d Rather Hear a Dog Bark

This is not the ds106 assignment that I really wanted to do; however, the first one that I did, I did the wrong way, so I went w/ the Shakespeare LOLcat. People seem to like cats; I’m not as much of a fan. I do love dogs and Much Ado, so I came up with […]

DS106 Visual Assignment #2

This is a picture of my beautiful little cat named Conway coupled with a Shakespeare quote from Romeo and Juliet. I thought that this quote seemed fitting, as he was falling asleep on my suitcase when I took this picture. He usually comes into my room to take his naps …

Shakespearean LOLcat

I love memes, and I love Shakespeare. So of course, I had to do this DS106 assignment. I used imgur’s meme generator, since it’s so simple. I also made a tutorial to help out anyone who hasn’t made a meme before.


The assignment details can be found here.…

Blog Post #3

Blog Post for ENGL 3241

Shakespearean LOLcat

I decided to choose this picture of a cat with a pizza on its head because it is adorable in a twisted kind of way.  I tried to imagine what the cat would say to itself after seeing this picture.  I chose Shakespearean Sonnet 38.  I am a pet lover …

Shakespearean LOLcat DS106

Shakespearean Cat- Aubri Middleton

I chose the quote, “And though she be be but little, she is fierce” from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I went on Google and literally typed in ‘little, fierce cat’, and voila! I used an app on my iPhone called Studio to add the text I wanted. Loved this assignment!

Shakespearean Cat- Aubri Middleton

I saw that Britta did this assignment, and I HAD TO DO IT. I love Shakespeare, and I love cats. Purrrrfect. ;) With this assignment, you are to pick a Shakespeare quote and pair it with a photo of a cat that corresponds with the quote. I chose the …

Shakespearean Cats

I chose the Shakespearean LOLcat assignment where you combine a cat picture with an appropriate Shakespeare quote.  Because I don’t particularly like cats, I chose a Shakespeare quote with a negative connotation and found a picture by searching for “mean cats” on Google images.  I then added text to the …

LOLz with Shakespeare

In searching through lists of quotes from Shakespeare, it’s surprising what lines you can find that perfectly fit amusing pictures of cats you found on the internet. In this edition of Shakespearean LOLcats, we have some particularly apropos ones.

(Okay, this last one was planned.)

To be (hungry) or not to be (hungry)?

Assignment: Combine a cat pic with an appropriate Shakespearean quotation. 

Now this is a DS106 assignment I am all over. Being a daily LOLcat viewer I can definitely appreciate the value of a good LOL. Buster has filled my iPhone camera roll more than once with his antics, he’s a …

Shakespearean LOLcat

I saw some of these from Laura Gibbs (she also posts great Latin LOLcats) and just had to make one. The idea is to take a Shakespeare quotation combined with a cat pic. I’m adding it as a Visual Assignment.