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Remix Card: "Uncle Bob"

Introduce an unexpected character into the assignment, someone as strange or unexpected as your Uncle Bob.

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Has the Gang Gone too Far?

It’s always sunny in philadelphia, except when it rains. The assignment that I have chosen is to create a scene poster from a movie or TV show.  Not much else detail was given for directions other than be creative which is a given.  With so many options, so many good …

Resigned: Scene Poster

Capture/Screenshot a scene from an episode of a TV show or a movie and try to make a poster for that episode or movie. Try to make it cool! Be creative! Making it suspense can be a good one!

from: ds106 Assignments: Scene Poster



Export frames from episode …

More Taxi Driver

This is the scene poster assignment worth 3 1/2 points.


I decided to keep my Taxi Driver theme running strong, though I actually tried to challenge myself a little bit more this time. For a project from last semester, I had set my computer to take a screenshot of …

Starring Andrea Carr

Hope you all are tuning in tonight! Andrea Carr will be showing her mysterious and sheer genius in the first episode of “Life as a Widow.”


Link to Assignment (3.5 Stars–Character)

Burn Notice Scene Poster!

Original Assignment (3.5 Stars)

I had obtained this photo through a trailer for season six of Burn Notice, which was the second to last season of one of my favorite TV series. I started watching Burn Notice ever since the first season, and I loved the suspense, action, and comical …

The Wire: Scene Poster

This is my poster design for the Scene Poster Assignment.

After seeing the picture of Omar with a gun, I immediately recall this scene and said, “LET’S GO!” I grabbed a picture off of google and booted up powerpoint to make this. A couple of text boxes, comic sans …

Scene Poster…a crime drama from the producers of Sleepless in Seattle

Scene from Episode 11 Season 2. The opening sequence where the Baltimore PD busts into homes raiding for drugs and paraphernalia. This scene is a peaceful moment before doors are broken down and homes are ransacked by the police. Will Nick be sleepless in Baltimore?

Scene from Episode 11 Season …

Omar Back Episode Poster

One of my favorite Omar Little quotes is when he says, “Omar back”. I still remembered that third episode of season two. I created this assignment and it’s really easy but to make it creative you need to think of what to make it suspense. That’s what I was did. …