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Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically.

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Pretty in Pink

For this remix assignment, I had to make the original assignment more pink! I did the original assignment way back and lucky enough my room was pretty pink in the first place. I just added a pink background to the picture to make it stand out more. I enjoy …

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College Room Looks

My room at college looks a lot more put together than my room at home does now. I don’t know if that is because I am never home long enough to put things in place or I am just not caring as much because most of my stuff is at …

College Room

For this assignment I am going to give you a quick tour of my college dorm room. It’s obvious I cleaned up a little and made my bed for this picture. I don’t usually have this room clean I will be honest. I love decorating my walls instead of making …

A Bedroom is worth a thousand words?

Everyone is familiar with the old saying, “A Picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well if that’s true, what kind of words would come to mind if someone saw a picture of your bedroom?

Growing up as a kid, I probably redecorated my bedroom a million times. Every week I …

Room Tour


So these are photos that I just took of my room. At first I was like, oh I should clean! But then I realized that is not a very accurate perception of who I am as a person. So I decided to just let it be. The first photo …

Room as Messy as My Life

I chose to do the room assignment which is 3 stars. I took pictures of my room before I cleaned it, but I was in a cleaning mood this morning, so I straightened everything up for new pictures. I usually have trash and dirty clothes all over my floor and …

Room Tour

Here is a collage I made of my room. It is very simple and uncluttered.

Apartment 833

For my final visual assignment, I completed the Room Tour assignment. I absolutely love moving to a new place and decorating it to make the place my own. This year, I am living in the apartment with my friends Greg and Brendan. I will admit, our apartment looks pretty girly, …

A Tour of The Castle

My fourth visual assignment is Room Tour, I gave you a tour of my bedroom as well as my office/tv room. My bed room you can see mint/ teal are my favorite colors right now. It’s a bit out of control to be honest, my bathroom is decorated in the …

Room Raiders

Visual Assignment #3

A bedroom can tell a lot about a person and since this is introduction week I thought this would be a great assignment to do.  Below is a collage of my room, but since most of the pictures are small I’ll point out key items that I …

Room Tour!

This is a collage of photos of my room. I live off campus with 3 friends. I absolutely love my room! I love the colors of my room; lots of teals, and corals and other bright be achy colors. I think I have a lot of cool personalizations like my …

Visual Assignment for Week 3: Room Tour

My wife and I recently moved into this cozy little two bedroom apartment in Uijongbu-Shi, ROK. We arrived two weeks before the Fall 2016 semester commenced, so we furnished the space quickly. The computer and its monitor traveled with me as checked baggage. The day after our arrival we purchased …

A Little Tour of My Room

Here are 4 photos from my room, just some stuff that I thought I could talk about a little more.

Top Left: These stacks of notebooks are notes and other papers from every single semester since I started at UMW. I keep them all just so I can maybe look …

Room Tour Remix!!!

This is the first photo of the room I have been studying in.

See if you can find what changed in the second photo.

This assignment was pretty cool, especially with someone else involved.  A hint in the second photo, one of the changes was her realizing that I was …

Yellow is my favorite color, but coral is a close second

In addition to the other visual assignment bank posts we had to do this week, we also had to pick six more stars of visual assignments to do. For my first of the extra stars I did a three star assignment called room tour. For this I took four …