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Original Assignment

Rainbow Showcase created by Ien
Colors are an important tool that any good cinemotogrpaher will utilize to the fullest. Using clips from your favorite tv show or movie, try to showcase prominent examples of the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet/purple). Can you give a good reasoning behind your choices?

Remix Card: "Go Emo"

Redo an assignment with a darkness theme of anguished youth- use black colors and metal sounds. Too old? Look it up.

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Go Emo Rainbow Remix

This remix assignment asked me to remix a visual assignment which originally wanted me to note the use of rainbow-colors in some media form, with a theme of darkness and black colors. Since this idea was broad, I decided to take the short animated film “Paperman”, and create a black …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Rainbow Showcase

For my third visual assignment, I decided to do Rainbow Showcase.

I’ve acquired quite the collection of screen shots from episodes of The Wire, since I’ve been writing a blog post for each episode, so I thought it would be fun to sift through them all and assemble a …

Rainbow Showcase


For my second visual assignment for the week, I decided to do the Rainbow Showcase assignment. I was originally planning on using one of the episodes of The Wire that we have to watch, but the assignment said that I should use my favorite show, so I decided that Doctor …

Somewhere over the rainbow

I decided to use the Rainbow visual assignment to highlight the colors in the Wire. The point was to take clips from a show or movie that highlights the colors of the rainbow and string them together. This has been done before with the “Rainbow Port” post, but …

Baltimore’s Rainbow Port

I really liked Ien Harris’s “Rainbow Showcase” assignment, as well as the post he did to demonstrate how it works. That’s some awesome assignment work right there, and I love how it’s abstracted out to any movie or TV show for the assignment.

I immediately thought of season …

Start new.. Shining Rainbow!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” I wanted to do this Visual Asssignment, because it’s a fun and funny assignment to do. Plus when The Wire started it’s second season, I saw tons of comparable pictures to this assignment of making a rainbow. Here below are what I …

Colors in the End

For the finale of the first season of The Wire, I decided to make my own creative assignment here. One thing i noticed while watching this amazing episode was the wide variety of color use throughout the various scenes. Actually, if one looks closely, one can see important use of …