Postcards From Magical Places [remixed]: Uncle Bob

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Postcards From Magical Places created by chaiPhoto (submitted by Alan Levine)
Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both sides of the cards must be created as graphics.

The fornt should use graphic design elements that provide a sense of place or use the classic motifs of old postcards ("Greetings from ______")_, both pictures and text. The back of the post card should contain a stamp and postmark that fits with the theme of the movie, as well as an addressee and a message that fits the plot as well.

The inspiration was a fanfiaction assignment created by a UMW student in Spring Semester 2011- see the excellent set of LOTR cards at

Remix Card: "Uncle Bob"

Introduce an unexpected character into the assignment, someone as strange or unexpected as your Uncle Bob.

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Wish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignment

Design Week in The Village kept me busy.  I took on the Postcards from a Magical Place (#363) assignment.  If I followed directions, I would’ve designed both the front AND back of a postcard.  I only designed the front.  Why design the back of a postcard from The Village when …

Messages From The End

To finish up my assignments for the week, I decided to do Postcards from Magical Places (worth 3 stars). The task:

Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both sides of the cards must …

Laters Baby ;)

I FINISHED MY STARS I FINISHED MY STARS! The last assignment I chose to do was entitled Postcards from Magical Places (worth 3 stars.) The task: Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both …

Brother Mouzone Sends His Love

Here’s what I imagine a fictional postcard from Brother Mouzone would look like if sent from the great city of Baltimore.  I imported images I found on the internet into Photoshop, erased existing text, roughed them up with dust/scratches filter and proceeded to add Brother Mouzone’s hand writing.  I periodically …


This week we had to do 15 stars worth of design assignments. This is what I meant by the hardest part of my week. I always thought I knew how to use Photoshop but I guess I was very, very mistaken. I used Photoshop because it is and extremely common …

Domino (2005)

I used the same movie for three of the five assignments from the design assignments.  I’m not sure if anyone has seen it, but I hope so or none of these are going to make sense!

The design blitz we did helped me to really identify different elements of design …

Remix #3 Postcards From Magical Places

For this remix I decided to make a postcard. I was really hoping to go all out with this one and use the more advanced version of Pixlr. My original thought was to use the existing picture of Ireland (a shot that I took myself when I visited in 1999)…

Greetings From Hogwarts!

Postcards From Magical Places
Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both sides of the cards must be created as graphics.
The front should use graphic design elements that provide a sense of place…

Greetings from the Overlook Hotel

Inspired by the work of the Breakfast Club edition of ds106 on their design assignments today (more on that anon), I took a shot at the Postcards from Magical Places assignment—3 stars! I spent the afternoon showing them how to do one of these in Photoshop, and while I was…

Greetings From Xanth

Postcard from Mordor

Okay, I know this is probably beaten to death but frankly I enjoyed this project.…

Postcards–A Legoland/Minecraft Mashup

So, after nearly three weeks away for a conference (and panel comment), a new talk for a Civil War Round Table, and a family trip to California, I’ve finally returned to DS106 work.  These means that I’m woefully behind as the rest of the class has moved into audio assignments.  …

Did You Get My Postcard Mom?

I’m late with my ds106 design stuff, but you will not catch me saying I am sorry.
cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog
I did assemble this for the Postcards from Magical Places assignment, which we had our UMW students with a requirement that the image…

Postcard from Camp Magic MacGuffin

Wow. The design assignment opportunity this week at Camp Magic MacGuffin has offered a gazillion ideas — I have a major list I could chip away at — and making the time to get to get to them has been a fun challenge. The Postcards from Magical Places Design Assigment…

Postcard from Camelot

I chose to use a Camelot theme for my postcard because I watched the Movie King Arthur recently so it was fresh on my mind. First I got a postcard template from google and put it into a paint. I then went and got another image from google this time…

Mission: DS106 – Design assignment sprint

It’s great to be at camp during summer vacation.
This week I found another block of time through which to sprint after a number of ds106 design assignments. I had some trouble narrowing down which assignments to tackle until I began them; clearly, I do not yet have the patience…

hoedown throwdown

This image was actually taken in disney world by myself. My post card was inspired by The Hannah Montana Movie. I can honestly say that I HAVE seen this movie. I watched it with my sister when it first came out. I wrote the post card from Tennessee because that…

Tung Shao Pass

Design Assignment: Postcards from Magical Places. We actually worked on this in class as a group so I’m using it as on of my assignments For this, our group decided on Mulan. I was the designer of the front of the postcard. I found a snowy mountain scene and…


This is the postcard from a fictional world that we made in groups during our last Digital Storytelling class. My group had the idea to use the movie Inception and make a postcard within a postcard within a postcard. You get the picture.
To do this, we found the images…

Love Letters from Kairi

DS106 Assignment:
Design a postcard that might be sent from the location in a movie or work of fiction.
The Process:
For the front side of the postcard, I used a photo I took on vacation in the USVI and edited the exposure, saturation, contrast, tint, and so forth. After…

ds106 Assignment #5 Postcards From Magical Places

Assignment:  “Postcards From Magical Places” For this assignment, I had to design the front and the back of a post card that might be sent from a fictional place.
I was watching this series called Madoka Magica, and this one scene always really impressed me, I fell in love with…

Greetings From Your Subconscious


Design Assignment: Postcards From Magical Places
My group and I at first were going to do a postcard from the movie Harry Potter but then came up with an idea from Inception. Since Inception deals with the dream within a dream concept and the different levels of your conscious,…

Spring Break Vacation

Ben and I were thinking about our Spring Break options and we were thinking about the Catskills of New York.  Not only is it beautiful, but it’s the home of a very famous resort.  In our research, we discovered this old postcard.

Dancing sounds like fun!
If we don’t end…

Postcard from an undisclosed location – Obi-Wan to Anakin.

This time, I decided to tackle the “Postcards from Magical Places” assignment. I was browsing through my internal data bank of geekery, fantasy and sci-fi movies in order to think of a topic I could do this one on. I wanted the movie to be popular so the message would…