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Places of Peace

Original Assignment

Places of Peace created by Kasey Mayer

Create a collage of photos with all of your favorite spots where you feel relaxed or at peace. This should include at least four photos and can be places on-campus, at home, or maybe a spot you found while traveling. Then post the college to twitter.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Look Ma! See What I Learned!?!

My skills have blossomed, and so has this photo collage! What was once a static set of five photos is now a photo video with background sound. Wonders are not ceasing. I took the five images from VisualAssignment2109 and decided that if these are supposed to be Places of Peace, …

Peace be Here. And There.

A relaxing VisualAssignments2109 called “Places of Peace”. Bob Ross would have approved because it is a nice way to find a little bit of joy in my day, looking for photos that take me right back to peaceful, joyful places I’ve visited and that I also get to enJOY now. …

Places of Peace

I created a collage of the five places where I truly felt peace and posted it on Twitter. Here is a more detailed review of each spot.

The five most peaceful spots I have visited
Top left: Amsterdam
Bottom left: Iceland
Top right: London
Middle right: Iceland
Bottom right: My …

Where’s Waldo?

In this remix assignment I took an assignment I already completed and added Waldo to the picture. This is what the remix told me to do:

I put Waldo into my places of peace. To do this, I used Superimpose and got a photo of Waldo and edited it into …

Places of Peace

For this assignment, Places of Peace, I had to have at least 4 pictures that I considered were my places of peace. Places where I had time to myself and didn’t have to worry about anything. The biggest place of peace, as you can see, is my bed. I …

Good for the Soul

The first assignment that I chose to do this week was Places of Peace. I was really excited to be able to do this assignment and think of all the places that I love and feel at peace. I first started off by going through my photos and thinking …

Remixing Photo Collage

This week along with completing some mashup assignments we were assigned to created 2 remixes as well. The first type of assignment I found was a visual assignment for a photo collage. The collage was supposed to be all about things that bring you peace. However, when remixed, the assignment …

Peace: Anywhere, Anytime?

One of the assignments I chose to do this week was to make a collage of places that bring me peace.

Places of Peace: France, coffee shops, hiking in the countryside, anywhere with my dog, and Lithuania #ds106 #visualassignments

— Tom Lengel (@tlengel2) September 5, 2019

First, a tour …

Success is Peace of Mind

Personal peace can be found in a variety of places, people, actions and things. My personal peace comes from such a variety of sources.

Places of Peace in my life #ds106

— Abby Cassell (@abbcass100) September 1, 2019

I’m at peace when I’m with my family and my dog. …


Somethings that will always be my go to when I am stressed or just need some time away are; the beach, road trips (New York), traveling (Paris), and my animals (the cat). They all influence me and help me cope differently when things get hard

Rest and Relaxation

Many peoples enjoy relaxing in specific places. I like to think that I relax best when I am with my family and friends. It doesn’t really matter where we are. As long as I am with the people that I love, that’s all that matters. Playing my ukulele also helps me to decompress

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

places of peace

On contemplating the places where I find peace, I wanted to find a way to collage my favorite pictures. I found an app for my iphone called Collageable. Here, I found a template I liked and selected 5 photos the speak to me. The app makes …

Ahhhh… So Peaceful

There’s nothing like a homework assignment that makes you feel calm and happy. That doesn’t usually happen for me! For the “Places of Peace” assignment, the instructions were to “Create a collage of photos with all of your favorite spots where you feel relaxed or at peace. This should include …

Happy Places

Places of Peace (2 stars)

For this assignment it said to create a collage of photos with all of my favorite spot where I feel relaxed or at peace. When I thought about what pictures I wanted to use, I realized that my main place where I feel relaxed was …

Visual Assignment: Places of Peace

Pictures of Peace for Margo Humphrey

This assignment required me to make a collage of pictures that represent peaceful moments to me. However, I decided to make a collage based on peaceful moments for my secret agent character, Margo Humphrey, or Sidney. Since she is from England, London would be …

No Place I’d Rather Be

Ahhh, it’s so nice to be so relaaaaaxed. What’s relaxing to me, you ask? Well that’s simple! There are only a handful of places that I feel so at ease. Just like softened butter. I made a collage about it, in honor of the assignment about Places of Peace.

What …

Peicing? together my peace

Assignment Bank #2

How do you tell a story? With pictures? Videos? Words? Well, how about telling a story with texts?

For one of this week’s assignments from the assignment bank, I decided to take on the task of telling a story using text messages.

Before this assignment, I had seen videos on …

Peace Out!

We’ve all heard the famous saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Within every image we take there is some kind of story or meaning, which makes a picture that much more meaningful.

For my first EVER assignment from the assignment bank in this class, I decided to choose …

Oh, the Places I (Hope) to Go

For my first Remix Assignment, I decided to take it back to Visual Assignments, and remix the Places of Peace Assignment. My task was to include a Dr. Seuss character in my creation. I first thought about my places of peace, and they involved travel (except doing yoga with my …

Picture in Myth Visual Assignment

You in Collage Form. Make it about the character that was created last week.

This is a preview of my character that I created in last weeks assignments.

Week 4 Visual Assignment

2 Stars Places of Piece       

Create a collage of photos with all of your favorite spots where you …

The Moments I Can’t Put Into Words

Below attached is my description of the various photos I have taken in which represent important moments in my life. Below is the hyperlink for my website where you will find a whole explanation on this assignment and exactly what I took from it!

My “Places of Peace”

I made my collage of my “places of peace” with some photos I took of places near my old homes and my current one.  The top one is from the woods near my current home, the middle is from the street of the house I lived in before my current …

Visual Assignments – Places of Peace

Here are my four places of peace

Visual Assignments – Places of Peace

Here are my places of peace.  Top Right is at ATT Park in San Francisco. Top Left is at the beach. Bottom Left is any pool on vacation. Bottom right is laying in bed with my daughter.


@theEnd106 Here are my favorite spots where I feel relaxed #ds106 #theend106

Hanging out with others like me, puts me at peace!!!!

So I chose this two star assignment because I wanted to show the environments and people who put me at peace.  Now that I have this big craving for flesh and blood it seems that these people are the only ones that want to hang out with me, without trying to shoot me. 

Hanging out with others like me, puts me at peace!!!!

So I chose this two star assignment because I wanted to show the environments and people who put me at peace.  Now that I have this big craving for flesh and blood it seems that these people are the only ones that want to hang out with me, without trying …

Remix 1

This week, the class focused on remixes and mashups. This is my first remix. I was told to make a collage of things that help me relax while also using this as an opportunity to advertise DS106.

So,  I picked 4 pictures – one of my computer in Starbucks with …

Remix #1

Places I like to get wild with my friends:

Wilderness Run Vineyards

Karaoke night at Bourbon Room

UMW Homecoming


Places of peace

I have more often then not found peace in things rather than places. I like books, I like music, I like playing on my computer. If there is a place I feel at peace in it is a place in Massachusetts called Pochet Island which the bridge sketch represents.…

Mericful’s Peaceful Places

Place of Peace – 3 Stars

For this assignment I had to take pictures of where I find peace. Since we have to incorporate our superhero into one of these assignments I decided to do the peaceful places that Merciful Mise en Place finds relaxing. She finds it peaceful to …

Where I Find My Quiet

These are the places where I like to go or imagine myself going whenever I need to collect my thoughts and recenter myself.  The one of the grass and the beach are both from Ocracoke, my favorite place ever.  It’s the last island of the Outer Banks, very small and …

Visual Assignments!

For this visual assignment that is worth 3 stars I had to make a collage of where I felt at peace. These were very easy for me to pick because I feel at peace in locations and with family. So the collage contains picture of my home town, Monterey California, …

Peaceful Places

The next visual assignment I did this week was worth 3 stars and is called Places of Peace.

I loved this assignment because it really made me think of the places that were important to me and what pictures could represent them. For this assignment I simply went through and …

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Four):

Places of Peace: 

For this assignment I was asked to create a collage of photos with all of my favorite spots where I feel relaxed or at peace and then post the collage to twitter. I want to go into the reasoning for the four pictures I selected for my …