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Find a completed assignment and create it's oxymoron, something that is contradictory to what was made.

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If Only It Was a Bad Dream

The final design assignment I created was “Picture into Words” For this one I had to take pictures of objects that look like letters. Many people have completed this assignment by make the words “The Wire.” I decided to make mine a little different but kept it with the wire …

Turning Pictures into Words

This assignment worth 2 stars was very enjoyable. I had to take pictures of “letters” I found around me. Some of them are easier to figure out, while others are more difficult. I tried to make the pictures more related to The Wire, but I don’t have any drugs or …

WIRE Word Search

I’m a little behind but I left the weekend open to hash out these Design assignments, so this is my very first. I chose to use episode 11 of The Wire to do the ‘Picture Into Words’ assignment worth 2 stars but hey it is a start!
I decided I …

Design Assignment #1: Photers (photos as letters)

For this design assignment I used two prompts from the DS106 Assignment Bank: Letters in Your Surroundings (with 3 star difficulty rating) and Pictures Into Words (with a 2-star difficulty rating).  Both prompts are similar, to use photos that look like letters to form words. I applied both tags …

New Assignment: Pictures into Words

For this new assignment the objective is to take pictures of objects in your surroundings that could possibly look like letters and form words with them. Try not to use letters in your surroundings, but I understand that some letters are hard to get!…