Normal to Extrordinary [remixed]: Pretty In Pink

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Original Assignment

Normal to Extrordinary created by Cali4beach (Sarah K)
Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by side for comparison.

Remix Card: "Pretty In Pink"

Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically.

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Geek in the Pink

Completing my “Normal to Extraordinary – IN PINK!” assignment was probably one of the easiest projects I’ve tackled this semester. It was also a ton of fun, and more relaxing than many of the assignments I’ve completed so far, which made it a nice way to begin my remix week. To complete the assignment, I …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Unit 5

Telling Stories in Photos

I listened first to photographer Jason Eskenazi’s video on the art of using photography as a method of storytelling. I never thought of the idea of changing a 3D world to a 2D world – the words “clean, simple, direct” are often not associated with art. …

She Might Kill Me For This!

Another visual assignment I did this week was turning an ordinary portrait of someone into an extraordinary portrait. Naturally, I chose my wife. I picked one of my favorite pictures of her (isn’t she just beautiful!) and made her look like a pop-art vampire. I did this by airbrushing the…

Normal To Extraordinary

Normal To Extraordinary
For my first visual assignment I chose to do a 3 Star assignment. I chose my sisters as my person and changed her normal pictures into  something extraordinary (Hopefully). I love the movie Funny Face by the fabulous Audrey Hepburn. It’s the story of how a simple…


Half Man, Half Scare Crow. Though I didn’t do his make up myself I really liked this photo.  It was his makeup for Cornstalkers in Halloween Haunt which I think made him look pretty extraordinary. I used the app ColorSplash on my iPhone to do the black and white with…

Pop Art From the Heart

This visual assignment was about turning a normal picture into something extraordinary. When I first read this, I knew exactly what picture I could use. My roommate from last year edited this picture of us when we went to the river together last spring. She gave me a cowboy hat…

Normal to Extraordinary

We had a lot of fun with this picture. My friend loves to do her makeup, and usually takes hours getting ready so I thought I’d ask her to do this for me. We took paint and dripped it down her face. Set her up against the Eagle Landing courtyard…

Normal To Extrordinary: The dot effect

I really liked the assignment for Normal to Extraordinary. It creates normal pictures (of extraordinary people) into something different. I knew I immediately wanted to do my best friend, so I went through the pictures I have of her and came across one she sent me when she was bored…

“flash” in time

Okay——–This will definitely NOT earn me a “Grandmother of the Year” award! Anyway, my visual remix is a picture of my grandsons at Orange Beech this summer.  I used pixlr for my project as a last resort.   My initial plan was to “creep” this photo into the final beech scene…

Remix #1

This is a photo of my youngest daughter, Erica, from Easter 2011. I’ve always loved the expression on her face and the bright colors in the picture. I tried to add effects that made the picture more dream-like. Erica is my free-spirited child who often loses herself in imaginary play…

I want a TRON Legacy Light Cycle!

From Normal…

…To Extraordinary!

The Assignment:
Transform someone from normal to extraordinary.
The Process:
The original prompt says to use someone else, but I decided to just use myself. So, I took a picture of myself wearing a wig to edit in Photoshop. I enlarged the eyes using the liquify…

A ordinary girl becomes a movie star

This is for the visualassignments.It is Nomal to Extraordinary.

A gilrl becomes an actress with green eyes and pink lips

I tried to make her an actress in an exoric world.
I used some effects on the person and the background separaetly.
The contrast is empasized and the color…

Normal to Extraordinary

This is for the assignment Normal to Extraordinary 

This is my awesome friend Cat who i have known since the beginning of highschool i used photoshop and alittle bit of help from my friend who loves to blog and love taking pictures and altering them. with this picture i used…

Midori to ExtraordinaMidori

Just realized I haven’t done any DS106 assignments in a while….:O
My second assignment is from the Visual assignment called Normal to Extraordinary
The instructions  tell us to :
¨Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by…

Visual Assignment: Normal to Extraordinary

“Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by side for comparison.” I would say that extraordinary is subjective.

 I used a picture of my dad for this photo.  In the left he is sitting in the airport eating…

Before and After: Visual Assignment 102

This is Jack, before and after. Just a little make-up and, boom, extraordinary. I personally like the mustache!…

Normal to Extroidinary

To make this photo there is an app on my phone called BeFunkyFx! I uploaded the photo and chose the feature called HolgaArt and it created the two toned blurry looking effect to the image, i liked it best because it made it seem as if he had three eyes…

She is Always Extraordinary

For my second couple of stars on the assignments for week four, I chose taking a friend, or in this case, my sister who is normal and making her extraordinary. I picked my sister because when I think of an extraordinary person, Cassidy automatically comes to mind. She is 3…

Visual assignment # 3

ha! HA! I hope this is not a crime against humanity.  I took a picture of my little cousin Giselle and transformed her from a very gorgeous baby into a scary baby. I am really proud of myself. I used Picnik and an effect called the focal zoom! All you…

Visual Assignment: Ordinary to Extraordinary Leigh to Leelzebub

The visual assignment that immediately caught my attention was the one where you take someone in their ordinary getup and transform them into something totally different.
Well, taking a cue from my good friend Leelzebub (and using her as my model) I’ve come up with a story (that she may…

Visual Assignment: Normal to Extraordinary

#2 Assignment for #ds106 is up:
Normal to Extraordinary:
Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking one. Put the shots side by side for comparison.

For my example I used two photos that I’ve taken of my suitemate Karen (she is…

Normal to Extrordinary

The assignment was to do an extraordinary picture of someone, and put it next to a normal picture of them. I could not refrain from doing one of myself the day I wore a diaper around my dorm. A grown man in a diaper…in public…is extraordinary.…