Music Mash [remixed]: Uncle Bob

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Original Assignment

Music Mash created by Mary Ewers
Take two or more songs that are similar and mash them togeather into a conversation.

Remix Card: "Uncle Bob"

Introduce an unexpected character into the assignment, someone as strange or unexpected as your Uncle Bob.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Love Myself

Love Myself

Who doesn’t love a good Justin and Selena mashup? I personally enjoy the songs “Love Yourself” and “Hands to Myself.” These two songs are very emotional on both parts and I felt like they fitted together well! Unfortunately because they are popular songs I had trouble uploading it …

Silly Repetitions

Let’s listen to some silly repetitions!

For the song mash up assignment, I decided to go a little different. The assignment was to find two songs and mash them up so it sounds like they are having a conversation. I still did that, but the two songs I chose are …

Rihanna vs Drake

This is my second audio assignment of the week. In this assignment we had to create a conversation between the artists using parts from two or more songs. I chose this assignment because I enjoy watching the videos people put on youtube and twitter when they incorporate lyrics into their …

Blast From The Past

Audio #3: Music Mash

Has anyone ever asked you, “if you could be born in any other decade what would it be?” When I get asked this question I always say the 80’s. I love the clothes they wore at the time, the movies they made, and the music that …

“Music Mash”

For this assignment , I had to take two or more songs that are similar and mash them together into a conversation.  This assignment was rated 4 stars. I choose to create a conversation between Little mix and the chainsmokers. I choose the song Touch by Little Mix and …

You’re the First, High Enough: “Music Mash”

This 4 point audio assignment instructed me to choose two similar songs and mash them together so that a conversation of sorts between the singers appears to be happening. Below is my creation.

I chose the songs “You are the First, My Last, My Everything” by Barry White and “Ain’t …

We are never getting back together

I decided to do the Music Mash Assignment that was to take two or more songs that are similar and mash them together into a conversation. I decided to do a conversation between Adele and Taylor Swift. So a little bit of background into this conversation is that adele is …

Music Mash (Audio Assignment 4 stars)

For this assignment I used the songs “Dog days are over” by Florence and the Machine and “It’s not over” by Daughtry. Basically whenever Florence sings “the dog days are over” I insert the hook from Daughtry’s song. I use the envelope option to lower the volume of Dog Days …

An Ode to the Ideal Woman

I’m sensing a theme in my art this week. Feminity. Objectification. Romance. A mix bag really of cultural expectations and the way I define my own sense of beautiful. The assignment this week was to take two songs and mash them together into a conversation. 

I decided to use Cake’s Short…