Looking Back To The Past [remixed]: Jump Shrimp

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Original Assignment

Looking Back To The Past created by Brandon Heys

Simple look back at your past work and compare it to the work you produce now and tell us a bit about each thing you have created and tell us how you have improved since the 1st thing you created and uploaded to the web/internet 

Remix Card: "Jump Shrimp"

Find a completed assignment and create it's oxymoron, something that is contradictory to what was made.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Animation with Danielle

Web Assignments (3 Stars): Guess my story

Narrate the process: I went through YouTube and looked for college related images, videos, or pictures. Then copied the URL into giphy.com and created my five GIF’s.

Explain my thinking: All college students can relate to this, and the emotions and actions of …

A Look Back

Over the course of the semester I have created and published several blogs, audio files and photos. When I first started I was pretty much new with all of the software I was using. I was that great with audio software, struggled with Photoshop and couldn’t brainstorm ideas for blog …