Letter From Out of the Blue [remixed]: The Opposer

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Original Assignment

Letter From Out of the Blue created by Bill Genereux

Sit down and write out a letter longhand to someone who will appreciate it. Put it in an envelope, add an old fashioned postage stamp, and drop it in the mail to your recipient. Be sure to get some evidence of your “snail mail” exchange, either by photographing your letter, or even better still, the reply you got back. Extra internet points if you write it to someone whom you do not know, but still feel a common connection.

Remix Card: "The Opposer"

Do the opposite of what the assignment says- this can be in terms of subject, action, almost anything to make it be 180 degrees different.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

How’ve You Been?

For the “Letter From Out of the Blue” assignment, I decided to write a letter to my good friend and former boss who I know enjoys sending and receiving letters. She likes cats and the color pink, so I themed the letter design around that, and I talked about what …

Snail Mail

The assignment Letter From Out of the Blue was the first assignment that I decided to do for this week! I was so excited when I saw that this was one of the assignments that I would be able to do this week. I tend to write letters with a …

My Amazing Grandmother

For this assignment, I chose to write my grandmother a letter. She grew up in Texas and has so many amazing stories about her childhood and family. Granny had four children of her own, my mother included. She has nineteen blood grandchildren with a total of twenty-five with spouses and …

Mail Call!


One of the writing assignments I chose to do this week was called “Letter from out of the Blue”. This was a fun one for me because it had been so long since I mailed a letter, much less received something in the mail that wasn’t junk or a …

Handwritten Letter to a friend

Hey Yuta,

I decided to write a letter to you because I thought you would fit the description of someone I don’t really know. Thank you for talking with me and answering my questions about research, Physics, Japanese, and everything in between. I don’t know what I have done to …

Letter to Bridget

For this writing assignment I had to write a letter to a friend. I decided to take on the role of my host character. I wrote as if I was Eve Winters and she was writing to her pen-pal Bridget Lloyd.

I decided to write the letter in red because …