Let’s See Some ID [remixed]: Happy Days

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Original Assignment

Let’s See Some ID created by Kris Hooks

Create some form of ID for a fictional character that seems believable, knowing your character's environment or circumstances.

Use an existing template such as a credit card or library card from a found source and modify it as needed in your favorite graphical editor.

Remix Card: "Happy Days"

Take an assignment back to the time of the sitcom Happy Days, set in the 1950s. Introduce the design elements of this time, or maybe add the Fonz to a scene.

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Fonzie’s ID Remix

For my remix assignment I ended up getting Let See Some ID: Happy Days. I was to create an id but also take the assignment back to the 1950’s which Happy Days was set in. In case you don’t know the Happy Days sitcom maybe this will jog your …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Let’s See Some ID

Frida Ellis’s medical ID can be found above. If anyone sees her, please call: (804)-555-8156

Frida is pregnant and needs medical attention. Thank you.


I knew I wanted to create an ID card for Frida, from the novel California by Edan Lepucki. I also wanted to find …

Assignment Bank 4 (Week Six):

Let’s See Some ID

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating some form of ID for a fictional character that seems believable, knowing your character’s environment or circumstances. I decided to use this assignment to focus, again, on Jester. It was a lot of fun creating the ID for …

Let’s see some I.D.

For this assignment, I included my secret agent I created! First, I found a template for an ID card. Then, I used an app to add words and the picture, which I found online. I used that picture because when I think of a spy, I think of spies in …

Special Agent ID

Since we had to relate one of our assignments to the class, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for that. With that said, I made a ds 106 agent ID. I added my name, a picture of myself and even got an ID number. The number represents me graduating this year!

Assignment 2: Special Agent ID


I chose this assignment to relate it to our course. I chose this particular ID because it was plain and could add whatever I wanted to it. I chose “0017” because I will be graduating this year so I thought it would be a great tribute to that. I …

Library Card ID

I chose to do a library card identification, and i chose a fictional character, Rand al’Thor. He is a character from my favorite series Wheel of Time. The info on the card is right in accordance with the book, for the most part. I found a library card on google, …

Freeze…Let Me See Your Gym Membership Card!

When searching for additional assignments to contribute to the six stars of design assignments devoted to “Jewel”, I seized the opportunity to present a new side of her through the “Let’s See Some ID” prompt. It states: Create some form of ID for a fictional character that seems believable, knowing …

Delilah’s License


I chose to do the license challenge and dedicate it to my character. This is her drivers license, I used a free photoshop and found my photos off of Google.…

ID for Final

This assignment is worth 2 stars. It was fairly simple and the options/directions where easy to follow. I went to an online ID creator. Filled out the information I wanted on my ID badge for my story.   Then I submitted it to produce this..  …

Herc’s ID

For this assignment on Herc, I thought it would be good to do an ID. Here is Herc’s business card, similar to what I’d think he’d handed out to Marlo in episode 8.


I searched for a business card of Baltimore Police and found a template, then I uploaded …

Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

I did the design assignment “Let’s See Some ID” to create this image that I’m going to use as a component in my final project. This is a rendering of a fictitious airplane ticket from Baltimore Washington Airport to London’s Heathrow Airport.  I downloaded an image for an old plane …

Got Any I.d.? Frank Sobotka’s Privlages Are Revoked!

In thinking about this assignment for my DS106 course and our analysis on The Wire characters I thought about the episodes we watched this week on episodes 10 & 11 which illustrated the rapid demise of corrupt Treasurer and dock worker Frank Sobotka.

Got Any I.D.?

Got Any I.D.?

I entitled this assignment from the DS106 assignment bank Got Any I.D. based on the Let’s See Some I.D. assignment worth 2 stars.   I decided to use the following picture from Google-Frank Sobotka as well as a picture of  an i.d. template and a “revoked,” text sign …

Brother Mouzone’s Library Card

I had wanted to make Brother Mouzone a library card ever since I heard his quote in “The Wire”, but when I searched on an assignment that would fit, I couldn’t find one so I made one.   Brother Mouzone has come to Baltimore from New York City, so it …