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If 106 turned out to be Stine created by phb256
You remember Goosebumps, don’t you? Then surely you can appreciate the idea of reimagining horror films as children’s books. This assignment is inspired by (or lifted wholesale from) Theodore Holmstead-Scott’s and Jude Deluca’s If I Were Stine (http://ifitwerestine.tumblr.com) project. Take your favorite scary film and design a Goosebumps book based on it. This means not only choosing a cover image, but also coming up with Goosebumps-style title, cover and back cover, with appropriate text.  

Remix Card: "Bootcamp It"

Whatever the assignment is, it can be made tougher if it is under the tutelage of a tough drill sergeant. Redo this assignment with a military kick to it, as if it was sent to boot camp. Drop down you worthless piece of flab and gimme twenty!

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The “Stein”ing

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When I was younger, I loved the Goosebumps series! It never seemed like I would ever get the chance to read them all. I still am …

DS106 tales is up and running….scared. An assignment went…

DS106 tales is up and running….scared. 

An assignment went up about DS106 as a Stine book and I had never heard of Goosebumps! I confess I love horror as a genre, for reasons to explain another time. So, I went to mother google for answers. 

As I think this may …