Honest Video Game Covers [remixed]: Countrify It

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Honest Video Game Covers created by Cooper Graham
Do you think some video games are a bit untruthful in what they advertise? Redesign an existing video game cover that by changing the text/image can tell the honest truth about a video game.

Remix Card: "Countrify It"

Add a sound of country music to an assignment, or alternatively, change the storyline to include a dog that is died, a partner that has left, a truck that no longer works, etc.

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For my last assignment I did one that caught my interest because it made me laugh pretty hard. It’s an assignment where you manipulate the title of a video game to match up with its realistic game play. The example was of mario kart and it was perfectly done. It …

I require medical assistance

This is Overwatch in a nutshell. BTW I main Genji.

This is the actual cover.

Tell Me Where I Need To Go, So I Can Go The Other Direction

I chose to do the four star design assignment to edit a game cover to make it more honest. I chose this assignment because of my love for games and the amusement I get out of seeing funny images and fails from games. This I my attempt at being funny. …

Sorry Zelda, I’m busy. Cooking.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at video games. Sometimes I just play them the exact opposite of how they’re meant to be played, like taking a Mario Kart route backwards just to see how everything looks like going the wrong way. When there’s a …

Week 5 pt. 4: Honest Game Cover

Time for another episode of Honest Cover, where we take a game cover and make it Honest!

Link to Assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/honest-video-game-covers/

Stars: 4

Process: Step 1: Find a game cover. I began by moving to my Steam library in search of a game I wanted to give an honest cover …

Honest Video Game Covers: Brütal Legend

This assignment tasked me with creating a more “honest” cover to a video game. The first game that came to mind was Brütal Legend, for its infamous genre switch. For anyone who hasn’t played it, Brütal Legend is a heavy metal inspired action game that kind of evolves into …

Honest Game Covers

Left 4 Dead is one of my all time favorite video games. It’s gameplay is heavily driven on teamwork and communication. It is so heavily influenced by it that one bad teammate will bring the rest down. As such, when playing online, it can be hard to talk to people …

Mario Kart…the game that ruins friendship.

As done by Fitz: