Fruedian Alphabet [remixed]: Where’s Waldo? It.

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Original Assignment

Fruedian Alphabet created by Tom Woodward

Go to Google type in "I hate a" and look for the auto-complete (additional examples here).  Screenshot your auto-complete suggestions as you move from A to Z and pick one letter to make into an animated gif.  

Do them all if you'd like.

Remix Card: "Where’s Waldo? It."

For this remix assignment, you want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a Visual or Design Assignment or slip his name quickly into an audio assignment. If you can figure out a way to make this work for Video, God Bless You.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

I Hate…GIMP?

GIF #2

Google. The most popular search engine in the world. The question is, what do people Google on everyday basis? For this assignment I had to type in the phrase, “I hate…” followed by a letter of the alphabet. Some of the results were very strange. For example, in …

August is the time to gif!!!!


Okay, so I just barely got this one out. Better late than never, though, I suppose.

So, first I took the phrase “August is the best time to” and typed it into Google, then did a screenshot of every answer option screen I got up until “J,” which was …

Spinning gifs for Challenge 14

August 2013 GIF Challenge #14: Fruedian Alphabeta

Tina has again set a very high bar with her example gif.

I started off making the search gif, just to see how it could be done. A quick screen recording-mpeg streamclip – firework workflow go that.

I then used the advance image …

August 2013 GIF Challenge #14: Fruedian Alphabet

“Friends are True Friends” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, I went to the Assignment Bank to get today’s assignment, and the Animated GIF Assignment 977 “Fruedian Alphabet” by Tom Woodward (@twoodwar)looked like fun, except for the typing in “I Hate …” part, so I changed mine to a …

3241: Spring 2013 » 3241-to-ds106 2013-04-17 11:43:58

this is my attempt of a GIF, I was to go to google and type in  I hate and then a letter, I typed in T and i got Taylor Swift, Tmobile, and Traffic and T-Pain. You can find the actual assignment here.

Freudian Alphabet, “I hate Uncle Jamie” style

So there’s this nifty DS106 assignment called Freudian Alphabet where you type in “I hate” to Google Search and then take a screen capture of the autocompletes you get for each letter of the alphabet:

And then you take the best one and turn it into an animated gif. There …

Freudian alphabet

The Freudian alphabet assignment is kinda interesting. What do the suggestions say about the person doing the searching? Or do they say anything at all? The assignment says to use “I hate” so I took an opposite track. The first suggestion I got was I love Altoona, so it must …