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Event Poster created by Erin Madden

Design a poster for an upcoming event, it could be a concert, a car show, really anything you want, the event can even be made up. Be creative and have fun with it. When you finish your poster, advertise it on your social media accounts so people will know about the event. 

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Use this assignment to create an advertisment or a recruiting tool for ds106.

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Event Poster…

80s Dance Party

Event Poster

For this assignment, I did not know how to approach it at first as I was not familiar with creating posters or what site to use. Thankfully, due to the tag box below where I could reference to other work, a student had previously completed this assignment which …

Event Poster – UMW Car Show

Car Show on Ball Circle! #ds106 #DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments2472 pic.twitter.com/cYgnhN4T5F

— Alec Biles (@ds106alecbiles) February 20, 2020

UMW very own Car Club is hosting their first car show! hope to see you all there!…

Have You Heard of “Yosakoi”?

???????????????Do you know yosakoi?

I am not–and never will be–tired of bringing in my Japan adventures into my work. When I decided to do my third design assignment on an Event Poster, the first two things that came to mind were bhangra and yosakoi. However, the first actual event …

Join the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team!

For this assignment we were tasked to create a poster for an event or club or anything we wanted. I decided to create a poster for the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Mary Massacre. I joined the team last semester so I thought it would be fun to create a poster …

80’s Karaoke Poster:

For this assignment I decided to use Canva to make a Karaoke night poster that I would see on a college campus like ours. The bright colors not only represent the 80’s but would also be to catch a student’s eye while they are quickly walking through campus. I incorporated …

Derry Carnival

I was browsing through the assignment bank and saw the Event Poster assignment. It caught my eye because the example was the Stark Expo and I just recently found my love for the Marvel Universe so I thought it was pretty clever.

I then knew I wanted to do this …

Assignment Bank Assignment: Event Poster

The poster for the post-election event is here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/600438785813118979/670372947101351946/unknown.png

Mckayla Washington 2019-10-07 22:32:40

This is the original link to the assignment. I decided to create a poster to advertise my groups radio podcast on the 80s theme. I created this in Canva and chose the poster template. I think this poster looks ‘poppy’ and grabs the viewers eyes. I used white for …

Event Poster

I was thrilled to create this assignment because, I actually have an event to promote. This poster is for the Halloween’s event class council is having on October 30th. Come out and enjoy free candy, go through the haunted walk and, get a free t-shirt (also designed by me). I …

Creative Writing Club Plug

This is a design assignment worth 3 stars! For this assignment, I was tasked to create a poster for an event! As the secretary and social media director of UMW’s Creative Writing Club, I designed a minimalist-style event poster for our weekly meetings!

I made this poster on autodraw.com, which …

Event Poster

For 3 stars, I designed a poster for an upcoming event. I have already been advertising this poster for my rugby teams family day event on Oct 5th! It is our first home game of the season so we are all pumped about it.…

George Strait is coming into town!

This is the link to the 3 star original assignment. I decided to create an advertisement for George Strait’s upcoming show at Innsbrook After Hours. One of his songs came out in the 80s and is one of my all time favorite country songs. I created this advertisement on Canva. …

Come to the 80’s Movie Party!

Something I always wished I could do and was good at is Photoshop and graphic design. I am horribly un-creative and struggle greatly trying to think up of anything unique. However, I do like to challenge myself and see if I can do something, even if I don’t think I …