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Original Assignment

Dramatic Reading Remix created by Amy Wallace
For this assignment, take a song that you love, and record yourself doing a dramatic reading of the lyrics. Then take another piece of music (obviously without lyrics) and set your dramatic reading to it. This should result in something that sounds very different than the original song. Post both the original song (for comparrison) and your new dramatic reading remix in a blog post.

Remix Card: "Media Bender"

Change up the media for the original assignment- take a video assignment into audio or design.

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Pick Up the Phone Dramatic Reading Remixed

For the Dramatic Reading Remix [Remixed]: Media Bender assignment, I decided to do a dramatic reading of William Beckett’s “Pick Up the Phone.” Originally, the assignment called for the dramatic reading to be underscored by some other music, but since this is a media bender, I decided to …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Was It A Sweet Escape?

Original DS106 Assignment: Dramatic Reading Remix (4 stars)

In my upcoming days, I have multiple stops for my tours. I have gotten a lot of recognition for being a cover artist and this is one of those songs! Songs are all about interpretation and the music/instrumentals in the song. This …


? If you said goodbye to me tonight
There would still be music left to write
What else could I do –

(HOLD UP, I get to post the actual song for this post! :- D )

THE LONGEST TIME! Aaaaaaaand post ~~~~>

I’m takin’ it back to some good …

These Deals, They Will Not Heal (Assignment Bank #12)

Dramatic Reading Remix

For this assignment, take a song that you love, and record yourself doing a dramatic reading of the lyrics. Then take another piece of music (obviously without lyrics) and set your dramatic reading to it. This should result in something that sounds very different than the original …

Dramatic Reading Remix

This assignment was worth 4.5 Stars. I used the song “My Adidas” by Run-D.M.C because I thought it fit well with the idea that Jane Smith, the character we will be using for our radio hour has super speed.

I chose a song related to something we could advertise that …

I quit my dreaming the moment that I found you.

For my dramatic reading remix, I decided to take the lyrics of Angel Olsen’s “Unfucktheworld” and read them over Death Grips “Runway Y”.

The original is a melancholic song that’s played over the strumming of a guitar. Placing the lyrics over a hip-hop/industrial track changes the tone from sad …

Put the Gun Down Song Reading

So I tried out the Dramatic Song Reading Remix for 4 1/2 stars. I decided to read out the song put the gun down by ZZ Ward. So there were a couple of reasons I decided to use this song. One was that the song lends itself to being dramatically …

“Big Girls Don’t Cry”

I decided to do the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/dramatic-reading-remix/. The assignment was rated 4 stars. This satisfies my 12 star requirement of audio assignments since I am over it with 14 1/2 stars. For this assignment, I was instructed to take a song and record myself doing a dramatic reading of …

Clint Eastwood Has A Reason

In this assignment, Dramatic Reading Remix, we were assigned to take a song and dramatically read the lyrics. Then put them with different music to make it sound different. At first, I misread the instructions and dramatically read a songs lyrics to the song’s own music. I did Eye …

Dramatic Reading Remix

*For the assignment I decided to take a country song and sort of tie it into my southern belle. She is singing this song to her old bf to remember all the good memories they had together. I chose the song remember when by Alan Jackson and got the Selena …

Poetry Slam

I thought this assignment was HILARIOUS!!! When I saw it I knew I had to do it. The hardest part was matching up the words and the background music. I chose the song “Shake it Off,” of course because it’s a Taylor Swift song. It was hard not to talk …

Drops of T.Swift

This assignment was so fun to do, and gave my friends and I all a good laugh. I chose to do the lyrics from the song Drops of Jupiter, and then picked Blank Space by Taylor Swift for the background music. I sound pretty horrible and would catch myself wanting …

Spooks Dreams (AudioAssignments1417 4 Stars)

Man um… I don’t know where to start.  I tried to do this assignments, but when I told Spooksy he was going to read song lyrics over another song he got all angry and said he’d just record a whole song himself with his own words.  He locked himself in …

Dramatically Britney

I got really excited when I saw this assignment! It looked super fun, and super silly! Basically, I had to take a fun song, record myself speaking the lyrics super seriously, then put it on top of instrumental music to give it an entirely different feel. I’m actually pretty happy …

Trampy Shadows

I did this Dramatic Reading Remix assignment for 3.5 stars. I found Chelsea Irizarry’s Shadow Theme Song and thought it sounded really cool. I decided to do a dramatic reading of Frank Sinatra’s The Lady is a Tramp, because I’ve established it as Delia’s favorite song. Dramatic readings are one …

“My Lady Cave”

One of our Assignment Bank assignments this week was labeled, “Dramatic Reading Remix.” Our instructions were to, “take a song that you love, and record yourself doing a dramatic reading of the lyrics. Then take another piece of music (obviously without lyrics) and set your dramatic reading to …

Dramatic Reading Remix

This assignment is titled “Dramatic Reading Remix” and is worth 3 and a half stars. Here’s the link to the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/dramatic-reading-remix/
I completed this assignment from the viewpoint of Lena.

For this assignment I decided that it would be fun practicing dramatic readings since I am one of the …

Just Around the Riverbend: A Dramatic Reading (REMIX)

This week one of the possible audio assignments was to a dramatic reading remix for 3.5 stars. I wanted to do this one again about my character, Isabelle. I tried to find a song she could potentially relate to and then make it even more dramatic. She’s a very naturally …

At Dawn We Ride!

Audio Assignment:

Dramatic Reading Remix 3.5?

For this assignment we were supposed to read a song incredibly dramatically and set it to other music. Then we were supposed to post the original song for comparison.

I chose my favorite song at the moment. ‘I Lived’ by OneRepublic is a very …

Find Me in My Castle

Audio Assignment – Dramatic Reading Remix

For this audio assignment, I had to (dramatically) read the lyrics of one song and then add the music of another completely random song to create an abstract musical remix. The following content is explicit due to strong language.

I immediately knew what song …

American Tennis Court

For this assignment (worth 3.5 stars), I had to set a dramatic reading of a song to the tune of another song. I chose to make my dramatic reading rhythmic, making it seem like more of a rap. The song I chose was American Pie by Don McLean, set …

Moonlight Under Pressure

The “dramatic reading remix” assignment (3.5 pts) was interesting because I had to think hard about the lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I always thought dramatic readings of song lyrics was cheesy, but adding instrumental music underneath the reading made it sound natural and powerful. I …

Not Afraid – Dramtic Reading

Not Afraid by Eminem. Spoken but not rapped. Put to a sick beat by Dope Gangsta.

Up Up Up.


Never ever thought I’d be able to craft such utter beauty.

I can’t even think of anything else to say other than this class is bringing out the wonderfulness in me and I never expected this in a million years.

I did not really think I would do well …

Stranger in the Night

Victoire Absinthe closed her eyes as the rocking of the train and the gentle, familiar pulse of the engines pushed her further away from her past. In the background she heard Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra… Once upon a time she had loved that song. She and Phillip…

Blank Space in a Whole New World

Dramatic Reading Remix  (3 1/2 Stars)

Original music for Blank Space by Taylor Swift

I chose this assignment because I thoroughly enjoy dramatic readings and I could not pass up a chance to get to do one to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. However, I didn’t realize just how fitting A …

Baby You Can Ride With My Blank Space

Well. Audio week has proven to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

We need a total of 8 stars this week, so I did the Dramatic Reading Remix which is worth 3.5 stars. What you had to do was do a dramatic reading of …

My Dramatic Reading: White

For this assignment we were suppose to do a dramatic reading of a song of our choice and then put it against a beat. Our version of the song was suppose to be completely different from the original in its sound and beat. I chose White by Frank Ocean. It …

Major Tom in Mood Indigo

Lauren Brumfield and I are in the same ds106 project group and were working on the project tonight. We decided it would be fun and different to do an assignment together and the Dramatic Reading Remix assignment was perfect because we could do a song with two sides. We chose …