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Design the cover of your autobiography created by Randomriter (Bridgette Metzinger)
Design (using any programs you want) the cover of your autobiography. What pictures would you include? What would you title it?
Make sure it really shows off who you are what you want your audience to see in you by the cover.

Remix Card: "Swede It"

Yeah, it's fine and dandy to swede a multi-million dollar film and have it be cutesy and low-budget and novel, but what if you had to a swede a film that's ALREADY cutesy and low-budget and novel? What would that even look like? Let's find out... together.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Inside the Man Cave: The Autobiography

Original assignment(2 Stars)

If I had a cover to my autobiography it would be this. This design is a picture of a cave entrance. Before college I was always an introvert and shy. I didn’t go out of my way to meet many people. If I was talking to …

A Curious Child by Isabelle Franklin

One of the design assignments I chose to do for this week was for my character, Isabelle Franklin. I chose to do the Autobiography Cover design assignment for 2 stars. I used a picture I actually took for my photo safari assignment of my friend, Kelly, working in the …

SupraCharged: My Story

I just did a quick cover for an idea of what I would have for a cover on my autobiography. If I had one, but I’m not that cool. Yet. Anyways, it get’s the general point across without making you read too much and gives you an idea of who I am.


This week we had to do 15 stars worth of design assignments. This is what I meant by the hardest part of my week. I always thought I knew how to use Photoshop but I guess I was very, very mistaken. I used Photoshop because it is and extremely common …

The Utterly Dark and Endless Turmoil of Mynheer Noir

For this assignment I designed the cover for what would be my autobiography cover. I always thought of my life as a dark comedy and feel this cover perfectly represents that shadowy humor I hold so dear.

My Autobiography Cover (2 stars)

For this assignment, we had to create our Autobiography cover page using any software we wanted. This was worth 2 stars and here it is….

I chose the picture I took when I was at the Semain Mountains in Ethiopia because A. it was something I will never repeat. B.…

My Autobiography Cover

For this assignment, I tried to reflect on myself before I started. I came up with the idea i wanted it to include water, sun, and sand. Then once I got the picture I wanted into pic Monkey, I spruced it up changing some of the contrast and saturation. After…

Design Assignment #5

Almost done, here’s the assignment I chose for number 5, worth 2 stars.

This is probably my favorite of the week. The hardest part was finding an image that had a meaningful message to me. I liked this one the best because I look peaceful and it went with my…

2 Stars: The Tragic Tale of Mr. Wine

It was early morning on June 6, 1991 when the tragedy of Nathaniel Francis Wine began.
For this assignment, and to kick of design week, I chose to do the assignment “Design a Cover of your Autobiography.”  It was a fairly easy assignment: just choose a picture that you think…

All Things Must Change

A design assignment I really liked was Design the Cover of Your Autobiography
“Design the cover of your autobiography. What pictures would you include? What would you title it? “

My autobiography would be titled “All Things Must Change” and the cover picture is a photo of changing leaves in…

Life Amongst the Corgis


This would be the cover of my autobiography, fer sure. The original picture if from this site.
I tried changing the saturation and making it look cool, but it just wasn’t looking good with the color of the corgis and such. I don’t have any corgis yet, but…

Movies to icons

Another ds106 assignment. We had to break a movie down into four icons. Virtual cookies to whoever gets it.
Hint: They’re questing to bring something to somewhere before someone gets it first.
Hint: This movie features a swashbuckling pirate, a prince, a Thracian ambassador, a slobbery dog, and a chaos-loving…

Not so 80s

The Noun Project credits:
Community by Mike Endale
Beach Ball by Tim Piper
Cap by Oliver Guin
Bicycle by Ugur Akdemir…

Music is Life

My life revolves around music. Music is one of my main types of communication. Words that I couldn’t say, I would find a song that stated how I felt and played it for the person, or ask the person to listen to it. I was always on the top of…


Hey guys Here’s my 3rd ds106 assignment for this section
For this one, I decided to do a Design Assignment because I’ve never touched on this section before The assignment was called Design the cover of your autobiography and here are the directions:
Design (using any programs you want) the…

Autobiography Cover

The Assignment-
This assignment really stood out to me. The details are as follows,
Design (using any programs you want) the cover of your autobiography. What pictures would you include? What would you title it?
Make sure it really shows off who you are what you want your audience to…

Autobiography Cover

I chose to do this design assignment because I really enjoyed the idea of using a picture and titling it to represent my life. It’s hard to come up with a title for your life I soon found out the hard way. However, I finally decided on a title I…

Living Freely

For my next DS106 assignment, Design the Cover of Your Autobiography, I chose to work with my own photograph (taken in Yokohama), as an autobiography is something of a personal matter, fiction or not.
This picture may seem quite spartan, however, the subtle meaning it has beat out other images…

Design the Cover of Your Autobiography

I chose a picture of myself for this assignment because anyone who knows me, knows that i love to take pictures of myself and it was only right that my cover be a picture of myself. I labeled it my true self because it would talk about how i overcame…

Design Assignment: Autobiography Cover

I chose the assignment of designing a autobiography cover if I were to ever write one. I used the website Picnik to play with the effects and add text to my picture. I chose a picture of a tunnel with a light at the end. My life seems to always…