Demotivate yourself! [remixed]: The Opposer

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Original Assignment

Demotivate yourself! created by mome
Demotivational posters have become quite a common and interesting phenomenon on the Internet. Whether actually "demotivational" or simply tongue-in-cheek, create a demotivational poster today!

Remix Card: "The Opposer"

Do the opposite of what the assignment says- this can be in terms of subject, action, almost anything to make it be 180 degrees different.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Welcome to the end of eras

I highly recommend InspiroBot for all your motivational poster needs.…

De-motivational Poster

Surprise! wait..they are doing everything without you

I put words over the picture.  This picture is from league of legends,

the picture is a skin splash for Surprise Party Amumu.…

Vissual Assignment Hybrid

This is a very furry and cuddly animal that eats lots of bamboo and likes Easter! Enjoy the Cuteness!…

Demotivating Myself (Written as Lena)

I chose an assignment titled “Demotivate Yourself!” worth 2 points and completed it from the viewpoint of my character, Lena. Here’s the link to the assignment:

So don’t get me wrong, vet school is great and everything…but it can get messy very quick. I decided to make this meme …

Loyalty… (Demotivational Poster)

I chose the assignment, Demotivate Yourself! (2 stars), which I found to be very cool and easy to make. Demotivational posters are everywhere, some funny, some not so funny. Once I figured out the message that I wanted to incorporate into the poster, my next step was to figure out …

Demotivate Yourself! – Man’s Best Friend

My dog, Luna is so mad that I keep staying up late to work. As I write school papers she stands right beside me and “yells” for me to get to bed. I took this picture and went to to create this demotivational poster.

The Future of Humanity: A Demotivational Collection

Another adventure with Random Assignment Ideas! This time, it’s demotivational posters! Both were created using Motivator.

So my dad is a mall Santa, and this past Christmas my stepmom and I went to spy on him while he was working. When it was the turn of a little …

Visual Assignments – Demotivate

Even Gundam can have a demotivation poster itself.

VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments191…

Demotivate (Motivate) Yourself!

Sticking with my fishing theme from my cartoon collage. I decided to make a motivational/demotivate poster showing what happens most of the time when you are fishing. For some, the waiting is the worst part and for others its why they go fishing! I used the website to create…

2 Stars- Let’s Get (De)Motivated!

Alright, this was my first demotivational poster.  I followed the guidelines set out in one of the tutorial posts.  I went to the website which has a nice little template that makes this two star assignment incredibly simple.
I chose Office Space because it never fails to remind me…

Demotivate? Observation? Same?

Visual Assignment Star Count: 3
Okay so I did this visual assignment next:

At first I was a little confused about how to make the image, but then I tried this website, and it was as simple as…..toast.…

Demotivate Me! If at First . . .

Assignment (Visual) 191: Demotivational Posters
I’ve been around long enough to remember Steven Covey’s first edition, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I think there may be eight now so I’m sure that missing one is why I failed. Or that the bureaucracy tried to cram effectiveness training down…

Demotivate Yourself

This assignment was a lot of fun I really enjoyed it! I used paint to make this one. Great Assignment…

Demotivation, anyone?

It was great fun making my own demotivating poster using these instructions and it appealed to my cynical side.
I thought that the photo I took of the archer at a medieval reenactment might come in handy at some point and here we are, the perfect metaphor.  The second line…

CT 101 Homework, 10 Star Assignment

1)What’s the meme?, 2 stars
Just took a photo and Photoshopped the text on.

2) Wiggle Stereoscopy, 3 stars
I took two photos of my television, and then looped them together with

3) Demotivate Yourself, 2 stars
Just photoshopped text over photo of Billy Cundiff, who missed game…


I don’t always make meme’s, but when I do, they’re demotivational posters. So when I saw the demotivate assignment for ds106 I got a little bit excited. At first I wanted to do something frisbee related. When people lay out for discs they know they can’t get to in Ultimate…


I did this one with despair.…

ds106 Visual Assignments 191 "Demotivate Yourself"

Here is my little puppy Choco!!!!! I took her out the other day and she looked so cute so I took a picture!She was so lazy that she didn’t even bother herself to move for a little bit, or I guess she was too comfortable! hahahahaha. It looks fun and…

DS106 Visual Assignments191 "Demotivative yourself!"

I remember the time when I took this picture… The location was exactly in front of TUJ!!! He was so cute with this stuffed animal, but also I got sorrowful impression. Why do even dogs have to carry something? I bet he doesn’t want to. Maybe he wants to but… oh…

I think this will just be the "Erin Nerds Out" series of works…

Decided to go for a classic demotivational poster this time. 

I would have done one of a friend of mine, but the rather unflattering pictures of her I have on hand are just a bit too…Yeah. Maybe a derp face would be more appropriate, but she makes those naturally, so…

On demotivational fantasies

ds106 assignment on demotivational posters.

Thought a bit about what kind of demotivational poster I wanted to try and ended up with that. The main image is the official logo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 (pronounced “thirteen-two”), and the rest is just simple text etc.…