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Remix Card: "Bootcamp It"

Whatever the assignment is, it can be made tougher if it is under the tutelage of a tough drill sergeant. Redo this assignment with a military kick to it, as if it was sent to boot camp. Drop down you worthless piece of flab and gimme twenty!

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Military DS106 Wallpaper

This assignment was a remix. This was actually a lot of fun, and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be! For this assignment, I had to create a ds106 wallpaper, but boot camp it as the remix. So I just thought of ideas as a flag in …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Themed Wallpaper

Here is my design a for DS 106 background! I wanted to design it with the class theme, so I used an 80’s text generator and a photo I found on google. I took the two images and cut pieces that I liked from both and merged them together. I …

My own DS106 Wallpaper

For this assignment, I created my DS106 wallpaper using the website I started off with a blank document and scrolled through the templates that were on the website to get a feel of how I could design my wallpaper and what elements I wanted to use. After browsing through …


This assignment asked to create a new logo for the DS106 class – how exciting!  Once again, I used to do so – trying to get used to better understanding some of these sites better by doing different things on them. This wasn’t difficult to use – there was …

DS106 Wallpaper

Created a DS106 Wallpaper using Gimp as an editing tool for the first time.

DS 106 Wallpaper

For my final assignment I chose to make a DS 106 wallpaper (I actually chose to do 3). My wallpaper aesthetic is very minimalist and clean. I love high resolution wallpapers with not much going on. I don’t like to busy my work space.  So these wallpapers were inspired by …

Showing Love For DS106

For the following design assignment, I chose Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper! The rating for this assignment is four stars. For this assignment, the main goal is to show your love and appreciation for DS106 by creating a personal wallpaper. The great thing about this assignment is you can personalize …

DS106 Western Character Wall Paper Design

For this assignment I had to create my very own ds106 wall paper design! I chose to complete this assignment because I felt I would be able to incorporate some of the western characters created by our class members as well as capturing the western theme of the course. As …

Wallpaper Design

I thought this was posted last week, but it was saved in draft… so here you go!

Using Publisher, I faded a black and white design option, chose a font for DS106 and used a mirror image to display a portion of the text. The idea was to create an …

My DS106 Wallpaper

This is a Design Assignment that is worth 4 and a 1/2 stars. For this is assignment I had to create my own DS106 Wallpaper! The process that I went through was I first realized that I didn’t want to use a photo I wanted to make something unique. I …

My DS106 Wallpaper!

For the star assignment, Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper, I did just that! I started with an image that I found using Bing and opened it in GIMP. From there, I went to to download a new typeface to use! I couldn’t figure out how to properly install it …

Paper the walls!! (DesignAssignments1491 4.5 Stars)

Ds106 Wallpaper Creation

When it comes to computer wallpaper, I am quite the aficionado. On my desktop I run a two monitor display so I like to make it so there is one large continuous image going across my background instead of a copied image so I am no stranger to computer wallpapers. …

Ds106 Wallpaper;

The sample photo for this assignment (4.5 Stars) made me think of outer space, so I made my own version!

I used Pixlr, just like I did with the lyrical poster. I created a rectangle, added a gradient, used the “space” brush, and then added some text.

DS106 Wallpaper

DS106 Wallpaper with a galaxy theme because anything is possible in this class. Your work can go as far as your imagination goes.

DS106 background!

For this assignment, which is 4 stars, I made my own computer background.  I was exploring with the “Paint 2″ app so there were many possibilities.  I wanted to make my simple, but also to get the point across.  I decided to have the background color as blue, because that …

The Ascent: DS106 Wallpaper


When you create a minimalist movie poster, it only seems fit to accompany it with a wallpaper for your desktop DS106 style. Thanks to the DS106 funding, we were able to make Operation Everest come to life. Click on this green sentence to learn about The Ascent.

I whipped …

DS106 Wallpaper

After having Claudia Rose on my show for DS106 Radio, I got really intrigued in her story. So, I decided that I would make a photo that’s a good representation of something big that’s going on in her life right now.
As most of you know, she killed her husband. …

Watching from the Background

I thought about creating ds106 wallpaper (4 pts) when we did design assignments, but I decided not to. Now, I decided to go for it and incorporate my character and others into it. At first, I had the idea to use the silhouettes from my Steadfast Sleuths poster in the …

DS106 Wallpaper

The first assignment I did this week was called “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper”. This assignment was worth 4 stars. Here are the instructions.

For this assignment I used the image editing software Microsoft Paint, and my final product is a composite of several images and text phrases. On …

Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper

This Design Assignment can be found here:


I first began this piece by placing a sky picture that I have taken into Photoshop. I then duplicated the layer and then clipped the image into the shape of the DS106 text. The next step involved creating even more duplicates …

DS106 Wallpaper

For this assignment (worth 4 stars), I had to make a desktop background for DS106. Because the class extends beyond noir, I decided to stick to general elements of design. I used a simple font to write some basic details about the course in the foreground.

To create this image …

DS 106 Wallpaper: Simple and Clean

I had so many ideas for this assignment my head started spinning.  I used GIMP because I don’t have photoshop on this laptop anymore, but since I am more familiar with that I might go back to it. Gimp seems a little temperamental and so simple it’s complicated.  But I …

DS106 Wallpaper

four stars:

This assignment asked us to create a ds106 wallpaper, such as  one might make a poster out of or use as a desktop background. I used photoshop and combination of appropriated images and a photograph of my own. I made it a little dark, in honor of this …

DS106 Wallpaper

For the DS106 wallpaper assignment, I thought I’d also try to work in my noir character, Jim Sardic, by making the wallpaper his office in New York.  I googled for a photo of a detective’s office, and found one that would work well for what I wanted.  This photo from …

illustrator on point

Ds106 wallpaper! heck yeah! Initially my plan was to make it just a starry sky as Cleo would see it if the gang spent the night camping in the car, and then I decided that a rocket ship would be cool to add. Who cares if rocket ships hadn’t been …

Blacks Wallpaper!

Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper! 4 points

This assignment was to create your own DS106  wallpaper. The wallpaper that I made represents something my character, James Black, would have. This assignment was fun and easy to do.

A New Paper for the Wall


This is the create your own DS106 wallpaper assignment worth 4 points.

Here’s my wallpaper! With these sorts of things I always start off small, almost get finished, then spend way too much time trying to perfect some tiny aspect I don’t like. Then after I curse the name …

On the case, On my desktop

For the Design Assignment, “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper”, the assignment was to create a wallpaper for ds106 using a digital imaging software. This wallpaper for ds106 focuses on this semester’s theme of noir106 and I also incorporated some imagery so the wallpaper could connect with my original …

Peek-A-Boo DS106… I See You!

I began my search for design assignments by trying to find one worth 4+ stars, as required this week. I sorted the assignments by star value and looked at all of the 4-star assignments first and found the perfect one! The “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!” seemed like an ideal …

Caleb’s Wallpaper

The last assignment that I completed was called Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper worth 4 stars. The wallpaper that I did represents my noir character and it is what I would expect him to have as his background. This assignment was an interesting one and I really enjoyed it.

Jealousy Can Be A Nasty Weapon

Design Assignment:

Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper! 4?

I chose to do this assignment because i love making wallpapers for my computer. I’ve made so many I put them on rotate to change every 30 minutes.

I wanted to do something not only ds106 but also something noir since that’s …

Your new favorite background.


For my next assignment, I chose the create your own DS106 background.  I checked out some other students’ post and watched the tutorial video to get some ideas, as well as some insight in how to better use GIMP to design my background.  The background image was an old rustic …

DS106 Wallpaper (4 Stars)

I chose to do the wallpaper because I felt as though it would help me be a little more creative and try to explore with things like photoshop and other photo editing tools. DS106 is themed base off the idea of noir, which is that dark, crime …

DS106 Wallpaper

For this design assignment, I had to create a ds106 wallpaper. I wanted to try something I’ve never done before in photoshop. I’ve always wanted to try a shattered glass look on a text but never got around to trying it. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity …

My Wallpaper

The challenge was to create a new wallpaper for DS 106. I was attempting to capture the Noir essence, but my software didn’t allow me to design the typography I was aiming for.

DS106 Wallpaper….Noir Style

DS106 Wallpaper! – (4 Stars)

I created a DS106 wallpaper with a Noir theme design. First, I chose the background color to be black and white. Given that one of the themes in many Noir movies is the use of black and grey, I decided to make the background black …

DS106 Wallpaper

For my first design assignment this week I chose to do the “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!” assignment worth four points. I was immediately inspired by our theme, noir. The first design concept that came to me was “A Light in the Dark”. This concept seemed very noir to me …

4 Star Assignment – ds106 Wallpaper

The love of the city . . . I love to visit the city especially at nighttime! I don’t want to live there though! I think I have a different perspective about the city at night now that I have been introduced into Noir! But I still couldn’t resist crafting …

Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!

It’s time to show your love for DS106!  Create your very own personal DS106 wallpaper using your favorite image editing software.  Try to be creative and inventive with your wallpaper and put your editing skills to this test.  Feel free to borrow pieces of pre-existing wallpapers to build your own, …

Create your own DS106 Wallpaper

To be able to design my own DS106 wallpaper, worth 4 stars, bringing my total to 10/15. Two thirds of the way there! All i did with this was find a cool background image from Google that I liked, and using Photo shop, I put the DS106 image on top …

Stacks On Stacks

For my final assignment of the week, i chose the “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!”. Since our task was to create these assignments in the shoes of our character, i did a wallpaper that Stringer Bell would use/like. This wasn’t too difficult to do!


Wallpapers are very personal …

Create Your Own Assignment #2 Tutorial: How to Make Your Own DS106 Wallpaper

The second part of the Create Your Own Assignment task this week was to create a tutorial for our assignment.  My tutorial features step-by-step instructions on how to create a basic computer wallpaper.


I created my tutorial using Expression Encoder 4, which is a screen capture program.  My …

Create Your Own Assignment #2: Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!

The last assignment that I tackled this week was the create my own assignment assignment, which included producing a tutorial for said assignment.  I racked my brain for hours trying to think of an assignment while working on other DS106 work before finally landing on my idea: Create Your Own