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Translate the story or add a foreign language to any assignment, take it elsewhere in the world.

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“Crime Scene?”

For this design assignment, it was rated 4 stars. It was to create a crime scene using a scene that you personally know. After several clicks through the assignment bank I came across this gem.  I always thought the process behind searching the crime scene was interesting so I …

Crime is Everywhere

This Design Assignment was to create a crime scene. I got extremely excited when I came across this one because I love anything that deals with mysteries. I actually am majoring in Biology to further myself in Forensics and hopefully eventually become a crime scene investigator or work my way …

Isn’t school suppose to be safe?

School is suppose to be one of the most safe environments for students. As we all know, unfortunately that is DEFINITELY not always the case. For this create a crime scene design assignment I decided to pursue the unsafe aspect of school environments.

Coming from a military police background and …

Crime Scene

For this design assignment that I created, I used my living room (a room that I am always in, which was one of the requirements) and turned it into a crime scene. I added crime scene tape, blood/unknown substance splatter and under some of the tape, if you look closely, …

The classroom is a crime scene…

used photoshop and layered the images in a stack. I made the crime scene picture larger to fit the room.