Classic Album Makeover [remixed]: Go Emo

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Remix Card: "Go Emo"

Redo an assignment with a darkness theme of anguished youth- use black colors and metal sounds. Too old? Look it up.

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An Emotional Pablo Honey

For my first and final “Remixed” assignment, i searched hard and long for the perfect assignment. I was actually confused on the whole process of remixing and assignment so i had to read up on that. I ended up enjoying the idea of recreating a “Classic Album Cover”. If …

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Danny Keys’ NEW album cover!

For this visual assignment I had to create a new interpretation of a classic album cover. I chose to alter the Piano Guys Hits Volume 1 album cover. I really like the music that the Piano Guys have created because most of their songs are very good instrumental versions of …

A Flipped Side of the Moon

This is the Classic Album Makeover assignment which calls for a visual rethinking of a famous album cover. It is worth 2 1/2 points.

I’ll admit, I bet everyone thinks of this album cover for this assignment. It’s simple, iconic, and has been interpreted beyond belief for seemingly hundreds of …

Modernization of The Starting Line’s Say It Like You Mean It Album Cover

For my second visual assignment, I decided to do Classic Album Makeover.

While, it’s hard to say whether The Starting Line’s album Say It Like You Mean It  counts as “classic,” it was released in 2002 and could use some updating.

The jeans and phone really says early 2000s …