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Use the worst, over the top design elements in an assignment. Use Arial or Papyrus fonts, green and pink colors, sappy music to make an assignment be the epitome of badness (not the good kind of bad).

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Cartoon The Head!

I chose this assignment because i thought it would be quick and fun, hence the 1.5 stars. I chose ben 10 to use as my cartoon since it was one of the first search results for cartoon, then i chose to edit his head on our one and only tpain. …

Cartoon-ify!: 2 Stars

The link to the whole assignment can be found here. The goal of this assignment is to choose any subject you want and replace the head with a cartoon head.

For this assignment, I decided to replace the heads of my friend and I with animals. The original picture is…

Hey Camel!

One of my favorite shows when I was growing up was Hey Arnold! So, when I saw the Cartoon the Head assignment, I immediately chose to use Arnold as the cartoon head. But what should be the body that will support Arnold’s football head? I opted for a camel. …

Bravo Deer

Here’s the original assignment: Cartoon The Head Assignment

When I think of beautiful scenery and animals I of course think of Johnny Bravo. It’s a shame that the Johnny Bravo TV series didn’t incorporate nature into their show more so I took the liberty of doing that myself. Behold.

“Hey …

Robin The Bird Wonder and The Majestic Raven

It was just a normal morning for the Teen Titans before they realized something strange was going on in their base. The other members kept hearing  intense flapping and screeching all around. They look and looked until they found an astounding image. It was their leader Robin and the introverted …

If Corner Pocket was a Minion

For this assignment I had to any person or thing and put a cartoon head over it. Of course I’m going to choose a picture of myself because who else would I choose?? I mean I’m Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick of course I’m going to choose me!  But I must …

Cartoon-ize a face!

So, since Titanic is my favorite movie, one of my oldest family friend’s fathers loves to watch the film with me, and here’s the kicker: he openly admits he loves it because his man crush is Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, I wish my own dad could be as open about …

Cartoon The Head! – Design Assignment #4

Cartoon The Head

I am going to take you through my journey for this design assignment, I started by looking for pictures of cartoons. I didn’t know what I was looking for exactly, naturally I began to procrastinate and look at pictures of cars. It is amazing how the human …

Happy Fun Time Blues 2013-05-26 21:01:29

Just needed one to finish up one more assignment….there’s really not much to say.

He is the bat.

He owns the night.


Link to Original Assignment

Design Assignments: Cartoon the Head!


Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative!


This is a compilation of an owl and the red angry bird! Enjoy![email protected]/8836070575/in/photostream/…

Design Assignments: Cartoon the Head!


Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative!


This is a compilation of an owl and the red angry bird! Enjoy![email protected]/8836070575/in/photostream/…

Angry Owl!

This is a compilation of an owl and the red angry bird! Enjoy!

I Don’t Know What It’s Called But it’s About…**

How many times have we said that sentence before, we are talking about a movie and want to reference it but can’t remember the title!!! Maybe we know an actor or two, but other than that we pretty much are left to Goolge-ing random things or trying to trace IMDB …

Dora Me?

For [2/15] stars I decided to attempt Cartoon the head! by Feng Chen. “Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it.” I really enjoyed this assignment!
I took a picture from my graduation album and then searched for an image of Dora the explorer’s…

Cartoon Headed Obama

Seriously, I cannot get enough of this Big Bird stuff. Politics gold.
Anywho, for this assignment, I decided to cartoon a picture of Obama and Romney after the debate. I choose the same Big Bird picture I did in the other assignment. Political bias aside, I think what Romney said…

Cartoon head

I downloaded Vin diesel‘s photo from Google, then I crap the Popeye the sailor man‘s head in GIMP and put it in Vin Diesel’s head. I found the character of the actor on the movie and the cartoon‘s character similar, thus I taught it would be a good idea to…

Meme Chase

Aside from the obvious lines on the dog, I thought this turned out nicely. I still can’t look at the horse with a straight face.
Original image:…

ds106 assignment – cartoon the head!

Assignment: Fairly simple assignment; though a little technical. You just need to superimpose something’s head onto another something’s head.
Process: I procured the two images from Google image search; one is an advertisements for actual $5 Elvis toast, and the other is what appears to be someone’s oekaki of Ren…

Zoro on Zorro

The Assignment: I actually realized after completing this assignment that it was a design assignment, of which I have already done this section. But since I was inspired by Takuji and Yuka‘s posts, I did it anyway.
The instructions are as follows:
Take any person, thing, or animal and apply…

Tony Tony Chopper became real deer!!

The ds106 assignment that I chose is cartoon the head of design assignment
“Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative.”
I searced two pictures from Google image.

1, I used GIMP for editing two pictures.
2, The picture of geer…

DS106 Cartoon the Head!

I chose the assignment which is Cartoon the Head! The assignment requires ”Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative!” I do not know the my picture is creative, but I did this assignment.
I used the Aviary again. I took the…


The assignment Cartoon The Head requires a Person, or thing’s head replaced with a cartoon. Simple.
I flipped Squidward’s photo and cropped out his head. I earased the back of his head and use the eyedrop and paint brush tool to blend in Squidward’s head and Edwards hair line.

An animal that I do not want meet in the ocean

This work is for “Cartoon the head” in DesignAssignments.

I don't want meet it when I swim in the ocean

I put the face of Kunfu Panda on an orca’s body.
I needed to enlarge and rotate the face to fit the body.
The original color of the panda’s face…

Assignment 5 – Design Assignment- Cartoon Head


For this assignment, I took a photo of my cat mr dimples, and pasted the head of Tom, from  Tom and Jerry. I used iPhone app “Iswap” saved to album, then opened up to another app “Juxtoposer” to do a better blending of the two photos. I saved photos…

Cartoon The Head !

I took the body of a raw chicken and I used Jimmy Neutron’s head and wala!, this is the result.
Tagged: DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments385…

“2 STAR” Design Assigment #1 “CARTOON THE HEAD”

This Design Assignment is called “Cartoon the Head” , for this assignment I had to find a image of an animal and a cartoon and paste the cartoon’s image on top of the animals face as if that was the cartoon’s actual body. For my character I chose Bart Simpson…