By any sketch of the imagination [remixed]: Jump Shrimp

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By any sketch of the imagination created by Destiny Morris

A quick way to convert a photo of something to a sketched image is to download the PencilPhotoSketch application. When you open the app, it will give you the option to either take a photo or upload a previous photo. After you have your selected photo on the screen, you will see options at the bottom for what style of sketch you'd like to choose. You can slide your finger through the different styles, and when you find something you like, click on it. Once you are satisfied with the result, there is a floppy disk image in the top right corner of the screen. After you click that, there is a "save image" button in the bottom left corner of the screen. After you click that, there should be a pop up that says t has been saved to your photos.

Remix Card: "Jump Shrimp"

Find a completed assignment and create it's oxymoron, something that is contradictory to what was made.

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

Assignment Bank: By Any Sketch of the Imagination

I never knew that there was such a thing where you could convert a picture into a sketch. I love the “By Any Sketch of the Imagination” DS106 assignment because it made me think more deeply about what sketches are and their importance. The drawing is the base of an …

Bio Any Sketch of the Imagination

I used the Pencil Photo Sketch application to alter a photo I tool in a few different ways with very different results. I’ve included two here.

The Santorini filter made the image look like a pastel sketch of an ancient walled city, with an overly ambitious neighbor to the east…

Weekly Things

“Another Day”

Well, I chose this assignment from the “Writing Assignments” section of the DS106 website. I kind of randomly picked something that seemed somewhat intriguing to me. This particular assignment focussed on natural beauty and being able to take a moment to truly take the world in for what …