Adapt an artist’s work [remixed]: Dr Suess It

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Original Assignment

Adapt an artist’s work created by Lisa M Lane
Adapt a famous artist's work to change or reinforce its possible message.

Remix Card: "Dr Suess It"

Introduce a Dr Seuss inspired character into an assignment. Or recast the dialogue with Seuss-like language. Add a wocket in your pocket! "I’m Yertle the Turtle! Oh, marvelous me! For I am the ruler of all that I see!"

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

A Little Slice of the Starry Night

Using Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting The Starry Night, I did the visual assignment Adapt an Artist’s Work for my final project story. The assignment asks us to:

Adapt a famous artist’s work to change or reinforce its possible message.

Here’s what I did:

I incorporated it partly because …

Surreal Closing Credits Image

If you watch the episodes of The Prisoner to the end, you will see very surreal scene. The penny farthing bicycle is standing in a desert with classical columns and statues with an ethereal atmosphere. What better canvas to merge in the skyful of men in bowlers from Magritte’s Golconda? …

Visual Assignment Adapt an Artist’s Work

Visual Assignment 17 asks us to “Adapt a famous artist’s work to change or reinforce its possible message.” There are a lot of artists out there, but Warhol is always fun to work with. (There is another assignment to “Warhol something”, but I did that in the past, plus it’s …

Starry Night – Noir Style

Adapt An Artist’s Work – 3 points[email protected]/16422065742/

I changed the colors of the famous Starry Night made by Van Goh. It was previously colors had many beautiful colors and shapes. I stripped it of all its beauty into a dreary looking state. My noir’ character, Marcus, at the moment, …

Visual Assignments: Adapt an Artist’s Work

Adapt a famous artist’s work to change or reinforce its possible message.

Can you tell what this famous work of art is?[email protected]/8833478800/


Adapt a famous artist’s work to change or reinforce its possible message. Can you tell what this famous work of art is?

Adapt an Artist’s Work

Norman Rockwell is one of my favorite artists. In this painting, Rockwell is trying to imply during the early 20th century that the United States still is a strongly Christian country. This is evident, because all the shops are closed, and the family is in their “Sunday best.” On the…

Remix #1 (Visual) Prufrock’s Love Song

So, when I read Prufrock, I think of a highly intelligent, over-dramatic (and melodramatic), egocentric kinda guy.  I feel like he is well-liked, but tired of always feeling examined or inspected.  His obsession with his outer appearance raises his anxiety levels to an absurd level, as far as calling himself…

“flash” in time

Okay——–This will definitely NOT earn me a “Grandmother of the Year” award! Anyway, my visual remix is a picture of my grandsons at Orange Beech this summer.  I used pixlr for my project as a last resort.   My initial plan was to “creep” this photo into the final beech scene…

Remix #1 (Visual): Adapt an Artist’s Work / Techy Mona

The hardest part of this assignment was deciding which option to choose in order to complete the task.  Now I really understand how my students feel when I tell them to “be creative” and they look at me as if I am speaking Latin.  So, I settled for remixing the…

Remix #1 (Visual): Twilight Gothic

Here’s my visual remix. I chose the Adapt an Artist’s Work option, going with Grant Wood’s painting American Gothic.

Some notes:
1. It must be said upfront that I’m not a Twilight fan. But in thinking about possibly remixing this famous painting, this was the couple that sprang to mind.…

Visual Assignment: Adapting Klimt’s “Hope”

The Assignment: “Adapt a famous artist’s work to change or reinforce its possible message.”
Here’s how this is going to work for the most dramatic of reveal effects. First, I am going to show you the original. Then, I am going to tell you what I changed and why. Finally,…

if jesus wouldn’t wear it, should you?

*I do not agree with the statement above.
This was not painted by someone famous but I had the urge to break the rules.
… and I just realized I didn’t explain. when I saw the westboro baptist people holding those “colorful”(which is an understatement)((but they do use colorful backgrounds))…