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Place I’ve Never Been: Mexico

Another assignment I chose for this week was the “A Place I’ve Never Been” (3.5 stars) assignment. Seeing as I haven’t been to a lot of places, I had quite a few choices! One of my good friends lives in Mexico City, so traveling to Mexico has been …

A Whole New World

This assignment I choose because it hits a little close to home, not the assignment itself but the place I chose to represent that I have never gone before. If you can’t tell by the picture I chose Thailand. Even though it was way before I was born, my father …

Welcome to Nashville!

How on earth can it already be time for final projects? I’m having a hard time believing that the semester is almost over!!

About a week ago we came up with ideas for our final projects.  You can find my original idea here.  Just to give you a heads …

Week 4 Summary

Creating Commons media is something of a treat for me. I always enjoy the idea of creating something that someone else may have the fortune to use another day. Reason being, the internet is so diluted with the idea of making money, and that’s not what the internet was created …

I’m leaving on a jet plane

Well not just yet…

For my next 2-star assignment I chose “A place I’ve Never Been before.” I saw this over on Brittany’s blog (her’s is amazing) and new I wanted to do it too.

The premise behind this assignments is to just pick a place you’ve never been before …

A Massive Welcome from London

Let me start off this post by saying that I totally wish I was British.  If the accents weren’t enough some of the most adorable people ever are from there (think Sophia Grace and Rosie and One Direction).  So when I came across A Place I’ve Never Been I …

The Motherland

Despite my being German, I have never been to Germany–there is hope of this changing soon,though, if my parents move to Germany this year. (WOO!) In honor of never having been to the Motherland, and of potentially going, I did my “Place I’ve Never Been” Assignment on Germany. This particular…

A Place I’ve Never Been: The Land Down Under

It has been my dream to visit Australia for some time now. Mostly to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. I would love to experience the diversity of fish and sea creatures that the coast has to offer. It also has unique wildlife such as kangaroos and Koala Bears. These…

Dream Hands

My dream hands do the work
In another world, one I need
A black cat’s eyes to see.
I travel the red river of my own sleeping blood
In search of three strings I know
I must find and braid together.
Raven’s wings take me up
To that Rainbow Place…

london calling

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go to London. When I first started college, before I knew what I wanted to major in, I was sure that I wanted to study abroad. Now in my junior year, I’ve rethought studying abroad and have instead decided to…

Place I’ve Never Been

As a history major, France is one of my favorite countries to study, and it’s  one of the top places on my list of countries to visit, so I had to do this assignment.
I made this in GIMP. As usual, I racked my brain trying to think of something…

Istanbul: A Place I’ve Never Been

I’ve never been to Istanbul, a photo by wanderthisworld on Flickr.
For years I’ve been admiring the “Places I’ve never been” series by JHill Design, so I finally decided to put my own twist on it.
Istanbul has always been at the top of my list of places I want…