10 Second Throwback Mashup [remixed]: Zomboy – Back Once Again (RandoM Remix)

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10 Second Throwback Mashup created by Katie Barnes
This assignment is a 10 second mashup of throwbacks. Use two or more songs to create one soundtrack. The songs cannot be anything recent, be creative with this assignment. Upload your song to Soundcloud. 

Remix Card: "Zomboy – Back Once Again (RandoM Remix)"

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10 Second Throwback!

For my second Mashup assignment this week I chose to do the 10 Second Throwback, for 3.5 stars! Basically, I had to choose two or more throwback songs to mash together to make a short 10 second clip! I decided to relate this one to my host character, and used …

~10 Second Throwback~

For my 3rd and final Assignment Bank project for the week I have created a 10 second mashup of throwback songs!
This assignment is worth 2 stars which puts me over the 8 star requirement with 9.5 stars woot!

I already had these songs in my iTunes so I just …

10 Second throwback- 2

This assignment was a lot of fun. So when trying to come up with a throwback, I was confused on which throwback to use. I love old songs. I went with the 80’s… I went with mashing up two of my favorite movies breakout songs. I used Unchained Melody first, …

10 Second Throwback Mashup

I created this assignment called “10 Second Throwback.” For this assignment you have to create at least a 10 second long mashup of songs that are considered “throwbacks.” The music can be from any genre as long as it is nothing recent.

I choose to use two songs each 5 …