1 Second Video [remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo

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1 Second Video created by noiseprofessor
How much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video? Inspired by this: http://vimeo.com/32071937

Remix Card: "Subtle Switcheroo"

Take an assignment and alter it very slightly. Make one small change or multiple changes. Just make sure they aren't too obvious. Think about those "side-by-side photos in magazines, can you spot the 10 differences between the two?" type deal. Think about letting your audience know how many changes there are so they can look for them all. You'd be amazed at what people notice and what they subconsciously choose to overlook!

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Examples Created for Original Assignment

One Second Story: A Toddlers World…Is Odd.

How much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video? Inspired by this: http://vimeo.com/32071937
2.5 Stars

I didn’t really know what to record. I mean, there are countless things I could have recorded. A nice sunset, my cats/dog, the stars…I don’t know. But I decided to …

One Second of Meaning

1 Second Video

Lastly, for this assignment I decided to use a short video clip that I took at Huntington Beach, California two years ago. I thought this assignment would be a quick, yet meaningful one. It is nice to relieve these moments, especially during a time like this. There …

A second can tell a thousand words

One of the assignments that I chose from the assignment bank for this week was to create a 1 second video clip that can tell a story. I decided to use a video that I already had and could crop to make a one second clip. This is a video …

Sweet Moments

For my first video assignment this week I decided to do 1 second video. In this assignment, I was tasked to create a video that only last a second but tells a story.

When I first started this assignment, I did not know what I was going to take …

Week 11 Video Assignments


This week I will be sharing a more personal side of my character Fiery the Dragon. She has chosen to share her pets, her favorite season/ holiday and a few make – up tips. You will discover that she is just your average dragon. Lets get started. Below you…

You and I were fireworks

This was my Fourth of July this year! I chose this second because you can see not only our final giant fireworks, but also the burned out husks of the smaller ones we set off earlier in the foreground. It tells you a lot about our 4th!…

1 Sec Video

1 Second Video – 3.5 Stars

For this assignment I had to make a 1 second video that tells a story. I decided to incorporate my superhero into this assignment.

Since she is a super chef, I decided to tell a story with her favorite appliance. A convection oven. It …

1-second video assignment

For the one-second video assignment, I took a quick video at track practice as we practiced going over steeplechase barriers. The hardest part of this was timing it to get what I needed in a one-second time frame. The other part was thinking of what I could tape for one …

If You Had One Second

One second is not a lot of time. What can be accomplished in a second or less? You could blink or double click a mouse. Your heart could beat once too. In one second, a top fuel dragster can use 11.2 gallons of nitro methane fuel. Usain Bolt could sprint …

Where do you want to go

For my next video assignment I chose one called where do you want to go and it is worth 3.5 stars.

Where do you want to go

For this assignment I had to make a video highlighting landmarks of a place I want to visit. I have always wanted to …

One second video

For the options we had this week I chose to do the ten stars worth of video assignments. The first one I did was called one second video and is worth two stars.


For it you had to make a video that told a story in one second. I …

A Concise Ending to a Long-Winded Tale

So maybe my word count ballooned out-of-control, in part because I wanted to make sure to thoroughly develop a conflict. So I was inspired by the 1 Second Video assignment to finish off my story quick, wordless way that would leave the future vague but the conclusion clear. Its a …

Surprise Chincilla

Surprise! It’s Surprise Pippin! Isn’t he just the cutest? Check out the original assignment here: 1 Second Video Assignment. I chose this assignment because it was relatively quick and easy and I got to include Pippin who’s super cute.

The process for this assignment was really simple. It …

Math Troubles

The difficulty with math is that math is math. There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with doing math homework , except if that homework doesn’t actually work. I, Dennis was having trouble doing my math homework and I had to share the frustration with someone so here …

What is this picture?

What does this picture look like to you?

For my Visual Assignment this week I choose to provide a one second look of my over all movie.  If you are staring at this picture thinking that probably a strategic angle, or my camera is wet, or I am in a …

Here’s Shadow!

1 Second Video– (1 star)

A one second video remake of The Shining’s “Here’s Johnny” scene featuring my self. I think I look like a pretty scary axe murderer.…

Gone In An Instant

I only needed one more banana… and I found one! However, it was taken away horribly and tragically, too soon from this world.

Because I never leave the house without my face on, I had to put on my makeup and curl my hair. I went on a great …

2 seconds of beauty ft. Hope!

This weekend was a blast, and this is why: before I came to UMW, I spent my freshman year at Sweet Briar College in Amherst, VA; the institution has gorgeous grounds and wonderful faculty, but the overall size was a bit too small for my taste. Regardless, during my time …

Me… in My 1 Second Video(:

How much of a story can I tell in a 1 second video? … Challenge Accepted. I chose to do video assignment by noiseprofessor… My objective of this video is to show me.. in a nutshell basically. I chose to take all stills (pics) and run them into a 1…

The End

For this assignment, I had to tell a story in one second. Although, my video consists of only two words, it does indeed tell a story. Because if you think deep thoughts about the meaning of those two words, many things can come to mind. More so, than telling a…

One Second Movie

The Beauty of a Second

Click here to view the video on YouTube.
For The Beauty of a Second assignment, you had only one second to tell a story… any story. But how much of a story can you tell within 1 second.
My story was of me recording myself by accident when I really…

The Beauty of a Second

Here is my entry for “The Beauty of One Second” assignment. I had it revolve around a clip of someone opening a box with a ring in it. I wanted the clip to leave a sense of ambiguity to the viewer. I used iMovie to edit the clip. Enjoy!…

one second video

How much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video? Inspired by this.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I created this video because I think it’s beautiful, in that it is a mixture of my grandmother and technology.  It’s something that doesn’t happen very…

10 Seconds of Beauty

For my first video assignment, I wanted to start with a relatively easy one. This is my first time attempting any video editing, so I really wasn’t sure what to do. I muddled through iMovie, and with my professor’s help I was able to complete the 1 Second Video project.…

18 Makes 1.

Video Assignments: 1 Second Video

The description for this assignment asked: “How much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video?” and left a link to an inspirational sixty seconds film. I first had no idea what to do, but the super-short film sort of explained it…

1 second Video

The Assignment was to make a one second video that tells a story.  This sort of constraint presents an interesting challenge that can have surprising outcomes.  I chose to use a 1 second video of my Friend Jacob.  In this video he is simply being Himself.  It’s strange how sometimes…