These are a few of my favorite things [remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo

Remix Assignment Value = original (2.67) + remix (3)

Original Assignment

These are a few of my favorite things created by Brian Bennett
We tend to surround ourselves with things that make us happy. Take a photo in your house or workplace and then find a creative way to make your favorite things about that space stand out. No limit to how many things you highlight, but make it interesting and intriguing.

Remix Card: "Subtle Switcheroo"

Take an assignment and alter it very slightly. Make one small change or multiple changes. Just make sure they aren't too obvious. Think about those "side-by-side photos in magazines, can you spot the 10 differences between the two?" type deal. Think about letting your audience know how many changes there are so they can look for them all. You'd be amazed at what people notice and what they subconsciously choose to overlook!

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