Favourite movie clip [remixed]: The Opposer

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Original Assignment

Favourite movie clip created by Anonymous

Pick your favorite movie and mashup the best scenes from it which explain the story of that movie. 

Remix Card: "The Opposer"

Do the opposite of what the assignment says- this can be in terms of subject, action, almost anything to make it be 180 degrees different.

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Remix Spaceballs

So the original assignment was to pick our favorite movie and mashup the best scenes from it which explains the story of that movie. The remix card was to do the opposite of what the assignment said to do. So I decided to do my least favorite movie and instead …

Use Existing Media

Remix is using the created media of others - it does not count as a remix if you use your own assignment work. As raw material for your remix, use media from examples created by other ds106 participants for this assignment.

Examples Created for Original Assignment

Week 12: Mashups and Remixes

Remix It: Put a ‘stache on it.”
Song: Tequila by The Champs
I had to create myself in the animoji app and then I found the facial hair section and chose the classic mustache. Its basically Christmas now so I had to put the Santa hat on.
Remix It: Cancer…

Favorite Movie

For this mashup assignment, I took my favorite movie, The Iron Giant, picked out my favorite scenes, and edited them together to explain the story.

Favourite movie clip

In order to do this assignment, I looked up several clips from the movie on Youtube. I downloaded those clips through 4K …

the real grinch story

the grinch did not hate Christmas, he hated people, which is understandable. all he every tried to do was mind his business, eat his cookies, and love the girl he love. but because of the hater-ation and holler-ation of his bullying classmates, he got mean. then when kindness and love …

Trainspotting mashup

This is my mashup for one of my favorite movies.  I don’t know why I like Trainspotting so much but it’s one of the few films that I can watch over and over again.  Given the content, I don’t know what that says about me.

I used the 4K video …

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

When I saw the title, I was instantly hooked to it. I saw the opportunity to make a mashup video of my favorite movie of all time: Jurassic Park. I was introduced to this movie when I was five by my grandpa and loved it ever since. I can’t count …