Comic Book Effect [remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo

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Original Assignment

Comic Book Effect created by Briana
Take a picture and experiment with the "Halftone Effect" in some photo editing software to create a comic book effect. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube and Google.

Remix Card: "Subtle Switcheroo"

Take an assignment and alter it very slightly. Make one small change or multiple changes. Just make sure they aren't too obvious. Think about those "side-by-side photos in magazines, can you spot the 10 differences between the two?" type deal. Think about letting your audience know how many changes there are so they can look for them all. You'd be amazed at what people notice and what they subconsciously choose to overlook!

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Comic Book Effect

The remix assignment I did is called Comic Book Effect [Remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo you must take a picture and add a comic book effect to it, and the remix part was to change something on the original assignment, but enough so it is hard for people to notice it. I …

Use Existing Media

Remix is using the created media of others - it does not count as a remix if you use your own assignment work. As raw material for your remix, use media from examples created by other ds106 participants for this assignment.

Examples Created for Original Assignment

Behind the Cupboard, a Comic

After finding some old photos I dug around the apartment some more and found a page of an old comic:

Something told me this was no ordinary comic, I sneaked into the General’s room and, with shaking fingers feed it into the machine:


As the paper emerged I grabbed …

Number 6 Ain’t No Comic

“Number 6 Ain’t No Comic (first attempt),” animated GIF by @aforgrave

Bill Smith (@byzantiumbooks, on Twitter) tackled the Visual Assignment 341: Comic Book Effect earlier today, and the actual task itself popped up on my screen this evening as I was poking around in the Visual Assignments looking …

Visual Assignment Comic Book Effect

Number 6 The Photographer

Audio Assignment 341 asks us to, “Take a picture and experiment with the “Halftone Effect” in some photo editing software to create a comic book effect.”

I started with a snip of the Snipping Tool of a scene from The Prisoner episode 7, “Many Happy Returns”. …

Make it stop!

Because I love Scottlo!

We all know nothing could be further from the truth given the cool, mellifluous tones of the great Scottlo, but I want to poke fun. This is the Comic Book Effect assignment, which is pretty straightforward. I took a screenshot from the Twilight Zone …

Visual Personal Project: Comics Via Photoshop

One of the past assignment options we had was to create a comicbook effect. There’s a video tutorial for GIMP (via Brian Short’s blog). However, I didn’t use GIMP for this assignment because it’s lacking some useful features that will let me get things done faster for …

A Night at the Moth!!!!! (comic book effect)

So I started by adding comic book effects to a few different pictures, but most of them looked better in the original. Or, if not better, they weren’t particularly compelling as comic book pictures.

They were all photos from last night’s Moth, so I decided to combine them all into …

Winter Vacation at Disney World!

I used a picture that I took in 2009 at Disney World to create a comic book effect.…

Mission: ds106 – visual assignment sprint

I found some time over the past two days to sprint through a handful of Mission: DS106 visual assignments. My notes are spread over a few devices (including my favorite red-covered Moleskine), but I’ll try to get my thoughts in order and give a full accounting of each assignment. I’ll…

Captain America at Work

Of course, Captain America would choose the BGY-11 as his background. They're both as American as apple pie.

What does Captain America do when not saving the world from crazed Nazi scientists? We know he served his country as a part of the U.S. armed forces, and is an integral…

My MeMe two point assignment

Taking a leap

This is a picture of a lady taking a leap of faith. I actually find it inspiration sometimes you just gotta take a chance and whatever outcome you must always try to succeed
Comicbook effect 1 star assignment

This is a picture i took earlier today at…

A girl in a park

This photo is for the assignment for the commic book effect in the visual signments.

A girl in a park. The photo is added by comis book effect

I think the keys were color, brightness and sharpness.
Using GIMP, I played with the balance of color and brightness. The…

Old Office

Nothing really dies on the internet  Sometimes that is a bad thing, sometimes it’s a good thing!A few years back, I had wanted to join a social network (like MySpace and Facebook) but where the language was Greek.  I discovered a few like Zuni (facebook-like in that it was only…

The New Office

This past week I’ve been trying like a mad man to find a photo that I took in 2005, using Photo Booth on MacOS 10.4 when it first came out.  At the time, I was employed by Media Services and worked with a great group of people.  Alas, my office…

Comic Book Effect

So, i did my best to try and do the comic book effect but eh it didn’t work out to well. But hey it was a learning experience for me!
I chose this picture because i thought it looked fun and comic book like ha! I uploaded the image to…


Visual Assignment: Comic Book Effect

This particular assignment was a lot of fun. I used picnik to do the effects. Initially I had just added the dot to dot effect, but then wondered what it would look like if I just used this effect on myself. I really like that look but felt like it…

comic book effect

I had more hair then.…

It Wasn’t Funny at the Time

This is my version of the Comic Book Effect! I jumped on the bandwagon and I thought I would give this assignment a spin.

The Process:
First, I went into Picnik and used the ‘Dots and Dots’ filter to achieve the comic book pixel effect. Next, I altered the exposure…

DS 106 Visual Assignments “Comic Book Effect”

Concept: 2 guys found a humongous ice cream and start eating like a zombie…Process: I pointinize a photo on, Then, I used Paint to emphasize/ colour the ice cream and typed the texts.   

Buddy, can you spare a tweet?

Seems that a ds106 student from University of Mary Washington named Briana created a new assignment that is generating some excitement. Create a comic asks you to:
Take a picture and experiment with the “Halftone Effect” in some photo editing software to create a comic book effect.

Having seen Alan’s…

Comic Me Down Under

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog
A quick one for a new #ds106 assignment created by one of my students:
Comic Book Effect
Take a picture and experiment with the “Halftone Effect” in some photo editing software to create a comic book effect. There are lots…